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DECA-DENCE Director Talks About His Inspiration And Process

DECA-DENCE ended today after 12 episodes. It is an original anime which was definitely among the most interesting shows this Summer 2020 anime season. Its director, Yuzuru Tachikawa, was interviewed by Mipon, and he shared some of the inspiration behind his ideas. He also gave some insights into the process that goes into making a work such as this. Prior to being the DECA-DENCE director, Tachikawa-san was also in charge of Death Parade and Mob Psycho 100, as well as Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer.

As every fan saw early on in the show, there are 2 types of creatures in the world of DECA-DENCE. Tachikawa-san says this was the first time he incorporated 2 very different worldviews into a single show. One is a comical cyborg world, while it interchangeably switches over to the serious conflict-ridden world of humans.


When asked where he got the inspiration, he mentioned that he’s a big fan of Pixar and that Wreck-it Ralph often came up in their production meetings. As for the cyborgs, he said that they tried to give them a similar vibe to the Minions from Despicable Me.


He also said that his favorite character is Kaburagi and that some of his traits sometimes “rub off” on his characters. That’s due to his strong attachment to the main characters and it happens unconsciously. That is also why he’s often compared to Reigen from Mob Psycho 100.

Among the other things he talked about are the process of choosing voice actors; his favorite moment of the show; how they choose character names; advice for aspiring anime directors; and a lot more interesting things! Watch the full interview on Mipon’s YouTube channel:


And of course. In case you haven’t watched DECA-DENCE yet, you can now binge watch it. The show frequently ranked within the Top 10 in our weekly polls. Tachikawa-san also left open the idea of a potential season 2 idea being pursued eventually due to the way the series ended. I hope it does happen since I loved everything about it. Especially Natsume and her incredible expressions! Here’s one example:

Seriously, go watch it! Big thanks to Mipon for interviewing the DECA-DENCE director and also sharing the information with us!

[Sources: Mipon Website and YouTube Channel]
[All images used with permission from KADOKAWA]

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