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Demon Slayer - Entertainment District Arc Episode 10: Insane Animation for the Climax

Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc released episode 10 last Sunday, and we witnessed the climax of the fight between the demon slayers against Gyutaro and Daki. The episode continued after last week’s cliff hanger, where it seemed like Tengen was done for, along with Inosuke who’d also gotten stabbed by Gyutaro. This week we saw Tanjiro on his own, refusing to give up despite getting belittled by the Upper Moon 6 demon. It seems like the demon sees some resemblance in Tanjiro’s desire to protect his sister due to having a younger sister of his own. However, he shows no mercy as he snaps two of his fingers and continues to make fun of him. Tanjiro eventually decides to run for it, which angers Gyutaro and makes him even more annoyed.

After some more taunting from the demon, Tanjiro manages to complete his plan, which was to conceal the wisteria laced kunai’s scent and stab Gyutaro with it, attempting to cut off his head. It almost works, and Dakidecides she has to interfere, which is when Zenitsu gets out of the ruble and uses his Godlike Speed technique. However, it drains the power from his legs and he can only use it twice. It surprises Daki, who ends up on the verge of being beheaded herself. On the other end, Gyutaro barely manages to get out of the danger and is about to kill Tanjiro, when Tengen appears and we learn how he stopped his heart to trick the demon while he completed his technique and slowed down the poison.

Tengen says he finished his Musical Score Technique, and it looks like he can now predict Gyutaro’s attacks better. This is when the animation explodes and we see another incredible sequence for the fight between them. While the two powerhouses face off, Tanjiro is running and looking for a chance to end it. As Tengen sacrifices his eye to cut off Gyutaro’s hand and pin him, Tanjiro jumps in. However, Gyutaro manages to stab him through his mouth, thinking that’d be the end of it. To his surprise, Tanjiro summons all of his strength and manages to swing his sword. We see his scar activate and spread, along with his hair growing red and making him look a lot like the man who traumatized Muzan. Gyutaro realizes he’s about to lose his head, and decides to deal with Zenitsu first, but Inosuke stands in their way, revealing that he can manipulate the placement of his organs and that his heart was fine.

The incredible episode ends as the 4 demon slayers manage to behead both Gyutaro and Daki at the same time, making their heads roll to each other. As Tanjiro struggles to breathe and deal with the poison, he sees Tengen yelling to run away, with Gyutaro’s body emitting some kind of explosion and ending the episode on another cliffhanger.

The anime ranked 1st in the both week 1 and week 2 of Winter 2022, after which it got overshadowed by Attack on Titan. If you enjoyed episode 10 of the Entertainment District Arc, you can vote the Demon Slayer episode as the best of week 5! The title of episode 11 is “No Matter How Many Lives” and it will release next Sunday on February 13, 2022 on both Funimation & Crunchyroll. It will have an extended duration and conclude the Entertainment District Arc.

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