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Demon Slayer: Infinity Train New Freebies For Visitors

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Demon Slayer: Infinity Train new freebies are coming for Japan! It is still going incredibly strong, so the hype must go on. For fans who go watch it in theatres, there will be new freebies starting on November 14. It was announced on the franchise’s official website, and there will be a total of 4 types of rewards. They will release a new one every other week, and the first one has already been shown.

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train new freebies - A5 illustration

Ufotable drew the beautiful illustration. It will be distributed as an A5 illustration card through 1.5 million copies in Japan. The movie is yet to receive an international release, but it’s trending everywhere and keeps breaking/setting records. You can check out the latest visual below, featuring Akaza and Rengoku:

The film was only released 23 days ago and is already among the highest grossing films in Japan’s history. It is a direct sequel to the TV anime from last year, and every fan of the series is excited for it. You can also watch the latest trailer here. For now, it has an early 2021 release planned for outside of Japan. Several SEA countries have some details, and the rest of the world is still waiting. The Demon Slayer: Infinity Train new freebies are awesome, but I just want to watch the film!

Source: Demon Slayer Website and Twitter

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