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Demon Slayer “Super Special News” Later This Month

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According to a reliable Japanese source, “Demon Slayer” will get a big announcement in issue #52 of Weekly Shonen Jump. It will release on November 30, and will include “Super Special News” for Demon Slayer. There are no other details, but there are several possibilities. It was already leaked earlier that a Season 2 is in production, so that could be confirmed. Another option is a release date for the Infinity Train Blu-ray/DVD. The film is breaking all records in Japan, so that would also be huge for us international fans. Lastly, it could also be video-game related or something else entirely. The date is not far, so we will know for sure very soon.

The official Twitter of the franchise released the cover of the last volume for the manga. It is for volume 23, and features Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado:

Demon Slayer Special News - Volume 23 cover

The volume was reportedly already sold out and getting reprinted. It hasn’t even been released yet (on December 4th), though it is no surprise due to the popularity it is currently enjoying. Regardless of what the “Super Special News” are, Demon Slayer is sure to be around for a bit longer.

Source: ryokutya, Demon Slayer Official Twitter

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