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University In Japan To Open A Department For Anime And Manga

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A university in Japan recently announced that its its anime and manga department was officially approved on November 16, 2020. It will open in April 2021 and have a capacity of 80 people. A short trailer:

Students there will learn the theory and practice needed to become creators. There will be over 600 accumulated hours of teaching by leading members of the industry. That includes professional animators, anime directors, manga artists, character designers, illustrators, game creators, and leading anime and manga researchers. Some of the things students will be able to learn are:

  • Perspective projection basics
  • Animation production process 
  • Manga script 
  • Character design
  • Screenplay
  • Planning and Producing

The private university opened earlier this year (April), and it currently has two other departments. They are the Department of Business Creation and the Department of Information Studies. The campus building:

University with anime and manga

Applicants can send their applications until December 1, 2020, and the first entrance exam will be held on December 19. There are also more details about professors and curriculums on their official site. Tuition as well! The admission fee is 200,000 yen (roughly $1920 USD). However, the full annual fee is 1,480,000 yen (roughly $14200 USD). There are also some scholarship options though.

It is interesting to see a university have a department dedicated to anime and manga. Hopefully it raises some amazing creators and we can enjoy their works in the future!

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