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One Piece Manga 5 Chapters Away From 1000 Milestone

The latest chapter of One Piece came out on November 15, and the story is getting intense! Won’t write any spoilers, but this was the 995th chapter of Eiichiro Oda’s famous pirate story. The official Twitter account for the franchise started a countdown to the huge milestone of One Piece, 1000 chapters:

Again, I don’t want to spoil, but it seems like Oda is preparing something amazing for it. I’m not the only who thinks that, as many others started theorizing as to what will be the biggest thing to happen in the 1000th chapter.

He started serializing the manga over 23 years ago, in July 1997. Its anime adaptation started in October 1999, and it is also still going strong. The story is now not very far behind too, and it’s just about to get to the really interesting part (in my opinion)! So besides One Piece 1000 chapters, there’s likely to be the same milestone for the episode count in the future. (50 episodes left, so probably a little over a year if there are any big breaks.) Do remember that his latest estimate for the manga ending is 4-5 years too!

Oda is amazing, and I’m even more excited every week when I think how he could go all out for the 1000th chapter!

Source: Official Twitter

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