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Performers Of Blue Bird In Charge Of Next Boruto Opening

The next opening song for “Boruto” will be performed by Ikimonogakari, and its title is “BAKU”. The band is known for one of the most famous “Naruto” opening songs ‘Blue Bird’ (OP3). They also performed the opening song ‘Hotaru no Hikari’ (OP5) for the anime. Besides Naruto, they also did the first opening for “The Seven Deadly Sins” titled ‘Netsujou no Spectrum’, as well as the seventh ending song for “BLEACH” titled ‘Hanabi’. They are a Japanese rock band which consists of three members, and they have been active since 1999.

You can watch the famous ‘Blue Bird’ opening below:

This will definitely hit some nostalgic notes with fans, especially with Kishimoto also taking over the Boruto manga! The first volume with him as scriptwriter releases in the December issue of V Jump on November 21. The 12th volume of the manga was released on September 4th:

Keep in mind that it is still not official, but the new Boruto opening will premiere in January 2021. Still, hearing Ikimonogakari again in Boruto with a new anime song will be pretty cool! Another good thing to come in 2021 I guess.

Source: Official website, Crunchyroll Deutschland YouTube Channel
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