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Naruto Author To Take Over Boruto Manga

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It was officially confirmed that Kishimoto Masashi, the author of “Naruto”, will be taking over the “Boruto” manga. The manga was launched as a sequel to Naruto, and Ukyō Kodachi was the storywriter. However, he will retire from the manga now, so Kishimoto himself will take over to write the story. The change will start with the 52nd chapter, which will release in the December issue of V Jump on November 21. The official Twitter of the franchise shared the news:

According to the tweet, this isn’t an unexpected change. It’s just according to the original plan, and Kodachi also tweeted about it to support the work and ask the fans to continue reading:

Furthermore, the 12th volume of the “Boruto” manga is released on September 4th and it features the main character by himself:

Boruto manga volume 12 cover

It will be interesting to see what this will mean for the manga. It’s been 4 years since it started, and the fans seem to have high expectations. Although I haven’t read or watched Boruto, I enjoyed Naruto (besides some fillers), so I hope this will be a satisfying change for everyone.

Source: Official Twitter
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