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Gundam Cafe in Haneda Airport Will Finally Be Open

If the Gundam news keeps coming in, then prepare yourself for another Gundam news. The Gundam Cafe will open a brand new branch in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport!

The Gundam Cafe will be open for the public on November 20, and it will run until September 2021. The said cafe will be the very first branch to open in an airport! The establishment will be, of course, a cafe stand specializing in takeout services and a merchandise shop. Like the other branches, it will sell various limited-time merchandise, such as drinks that come in collectible clear bottles, rubber keychains, and coasters.

So if you are planning on visiting Japan and your airport will be Haneda Airport, then make sure to visit this cafe to support the Gundam Franchise and Sunrise if you are a fan of the series! Gundam has announced new several projects up until the next decade, with the release of the Gundam Hathaway Trilogy for 2021 and the upcoming Gundam 00 sequel in 2027. Gundam Franchise sure is jam-packed.

The first branch of the cafe opened back in 2010. And since then, they had multiple branches in, Odaiba in Tokyo, Dotonbori in Osaka, Hakata in Fukuoka. While the Akihabara branch went into renovations that expanded the whole venue’s size by four times!

Visit the Gundam Cafe Website for more information!


(C) Sotsu / Sunrise

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