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Eren's Voice Actor Cried Reading The Script For Attack on Titan Final Season

Attack on Titan The Final Season is only 17 days away, and everyone’s excited. The manga is about to end, and who knows how Hajime Isayama will hurt us. We never really expected a happy ending after what happened in the first 3 seasons, and now Yuki Kaji, Eren’s voice actor, says he cried while practicing for it. He uploaded the video on YouTube, and you can check that below:


He says that Eren is always in his heart, and that he cried while practicing the script for the final season. “I felt depressed, so I sent messages to Isayama-sensei and we exchanged messages several times.” He also said that he can read the manga objectively, but it’s different when he needs to say the lines. Not to spoil anything for the anime watchers, but this will really resonate with everyone who reads the manga.

MAPPA is in charge of the last anime season. Not many details are known, and there hasn’t been a trailer released after the pre-animated one. Rumors are that the production schedule is bad, but hopefully they deliver a satisfying finale since the story is incredible.

Another interesting thing is the statue of Eren, Mikasa and Armin which recently opened in Isayama-sensei’s home town. It depicts the famous scene from episode 1 when they first meet a titan, and you can check it out here. The fact that Eren’s voice actor cried while practicing makes me even more hyped to see how the story will end. At least December 7th is close (exactly 17 days)!

Source: Yuki Kaji YouTube Channel
© Hajime Isayama / Kodansha

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