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Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc Episode 1 - A Strong Entrance Into a New Adventure

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc (Season 3) has premiered with a strong 1-hour episode 1, and it delivered a strong entrance into the new adventure for Tanjiro. The first part of the episode focused on the Upper Moon Demons and Muzan. We saw each of the 5 remaining demons of the highest rank, and that Muzan holds no respect towards them. He’s extremely disappointed, even to the point of questioning the demons’ existence due to them failing to find and take care of the Ubuyashiki family or find the Blue Lily flower he needs.

As before in the Infinity Castle, the episode had some sudden transitions and weird mechanics for the castle. The animation was as what we’ve come to expect from Ufotable, although there wasn’t much action to animate this week. The most exciting moments were related to the Upper Moon Rank 3, Akaza, who got annoyed by Doma (Upper Moon Rank 2) and took off part of the higher ranked demon’s face twice. This caused the Upper Moon Rank 1, Kokushibo, to take action and warn him about hierarchy. This was the first time we actually saw Kokushibo, and the fact he looks like the mysterious swordsman from Muzan’s past is already a major mystery for the non-manga readers.

The 4th Upper Moon, Gyoko, found some information regarding their tasks, and will be taking the 5th Upper Moon, Hantengu, with him. We already know from the trailers that they will be appearing in the 3rd season, so we’ll probably be seeing them again soon. Doma also wanted to go, but (probably lucky for the demon slayers) got denied the chance.

The 2nd part of Demon Slayer: Swordsmith Village Arc episode 2 focused on the demon slayers. We saw Tanjiro wake up from a 2-month coma, and everyone get overjoyed. Goto, who shares the voice actor with Saitama, got a few comic moments, and we saw Kanao show some emotions and even yell out once for Tanjiro’s sake. We learned that Zenitsu is already out on a new mission, while Inosuke woke up a week earlier and was already ready to mock Tanjiro for it (although we later learn that he waited a week on the ceiling). Although he referred to Tanjiro with Tanpachiro, he seems to genuinely be worried, and it’s fun to see the way he shows his emotions.

Another thing we get to see is the mysterious swordsman from Muzan’s past. We see him with a man who looks just like Tanjiro called Sumiyoshi. The swordsman saved Sumiyoshi’s wife and child, but seems to have a huge regret due to failing something in the past and considers himself worthless. We already know he scarred Muzan, so this backstory is something fans can’t wait to learn. The fact that he looks similar to the Upper Moon Rank 1 is also interesting.

The episode also introduced the hidden Swordsmith Village, and the complicated way to reach it without revealing the location. Tanjiro met the village chief, and their philosophy is that Haganezuka is to blame for the sword breaking due to not being good enough. The swordsmith is missing though, and he might be getting punished if he doesn’t appear soon. Tanjiro’s also ensured he will be assigned another swordsmith if Haganezuka doesn’t appear by the time his wounds heal.

We also saw plenty of the Love Hashira Mitsuri Kanroji, who was the object of some fan service while also being adorable. Her petting Nezuko was priceless too. Genya Shinazugawa is there as well, though he doesn’t seem any friendlier than when we saw him last. I can’t wait to see their interactions in the future episodes, especially once the demons come into play.

The episode ended with Tanjiro looking for the hidden weapon Mitsuri told him about and stumbling upon the Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito. He’s asking a boy for a key, and a figure that looks like the mysterious swordsman is behind him. Overall it was a strong premiere for the new season, although it’s clearly only setting up for the conflict that’s coming. The episode 2 preview is already out, and its title is “Yoriichi Type Zero”. It will premiere next Sunday on April 16.

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