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Denki Kaminari's Voice Actor Tasuku Hatanaka Sings My Hero Academia Season 4 OP Starmarker

Voice actor Tasuku Hatanaka, who voices Denki Kaminari in the My Hero Academia series, performed KANA-BOON’s “Starmarker“, the opening theme song of My Hero Academia Season 4‘s Cultural Festival Arc. The song was performed for the online show Oishi Masayoshi x Airi Suzuki no Anison Kamikyoku Cover desho de Show!! which singers Masayoshi Oishi and Airi Suzuki host. It is available on Asashi Television’s YouTube Channel, Doga, Hajimetemimashtia.

The show announced that the voice actor would cover “Starmarker” on August 13‘s program. The song was chosen by fans, and it was among the top contenders along with other My Hero Academia opening songs: Kenshi Yonezu’s “Peace Sign” and DISH’s “No.1“. You can check Hatanaka’s performance on YouTube below:

My Hero Academia’s character Denki Kaminari’s voice actor Tasuku Hatanaka performed “Starmarker“.

Tasuku Hatanaka was born on August 17, 1994. He made his debut as a voice actor in the Japanese dub of Walt Disney Pictures’ The Chronicles of Narnia films as Edmund Pevensie. In addition to Denki Kaminari (My Hero Academia), the voice actor has played the roles of Yuma Tsukumo (Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal), Reki Kyan (SK8), and Ikoma (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress).

Starmarker” is available as the My Hero Academia opening sequence:

My Hero Academia Season 4 Non-Credit Opening Video for Cultural Festival Arc

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KANA-BOON, the band who performed the opening song, also has a music video for the song on their YouTube channel:

KANA-BOON’s Music Video for “Starmarker

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