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Devil May Cry Netflix Anime Script Is Ready

Back in 2018, a new Devil May Cry animated series was announced by Netflix. On November 5, 2021, Adi Shankar (Castlevania), the producer of the series, shed some light on the adaptation, revealing the information that the Season 1 script is already done. He also states that the scripts are rad and that he couldn’t be more excited about the show. Shankar also mentioned that the first season of the Devil May Cry Netflix series will have 8 episodes. To top it off, he says that the story won’t end here as he’s planning a “multi-season arc,” an arc that will unfold over multiple connected seasons.

Visuals for Devil May Cry anime and game

Adi continued the interview by confirming the appearance of Vergil, Lady, and Dante in the animated series. He also jokingly said that Chris Pratt (Mario in the upcoming Mario movie, Garfield) won’t be voicing any of the characters. Adi Sankar is working alongside Capcom, which he says has been a dream of his.

Devil May Cry Series

Devil May Cry is a video games series with 6 entries. The first game came out back in 2001, while the latest one, Devil May Cry 5, came out in 2019. The series already has one animated adaptation by studio Madhouse, that premiered in June 2007. It had 12 episodes and focused on Dante’s daily life as a demon hunter.

You can also read the synopsis of Devil May Cry below:

Meet Dante: a half-human, half-demon, hunter for hire and carefree owner of the Devil May Cry agency. A mysterious woman named Trish approaches him one day with news of the king of the underworld making a grand return from banishment to wreak havoc on the world. Brandishing his father’s sword Force Edge and trusty guns Ebony & Ivory, he sets out to defeat the demon king, the one responsible for the death of his family.

Devil May Cry Official Website

The Devil May Cry Netflix animated series has no release date as of now.

Source: IGN

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