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Digimon Ghost Game Anime and Digimon Adventure 02 Movie Announced

The “DigiFes 2021” event has announced several upcoming projects for the Digimon franchise. One of them will be a new Digimon TV anime titled Digimon Ghost Game. The anime will premiere in the Fall of 2021. In addition to the TV anime, a new movie is also coming, but its title is still unknown. Even though the upcoming movie doesn’t have a lot of available details, we know that it will feature the cast of Digimon Adventure 02.

Digimon Ghost Game anime

There is no trailer for the Digimon Ghost Game yet, but a key visual was revealed:

Digimon Ghost Game key visual

In addition to the key visual, character designs for the all-new Digimon in the upcoming anime are also available:

The three new Digimon: Angoramon, Gammamon, and Jellymon (left to right)

Digimon Adventure 02 Movie

The new film will tell the story of Daisuke Motomiya and the other characters from the Digimon Adventure 02 anime. Director Tomohisa Taguchi and writer Akatsuki Yamatoya worked together on Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna and are also teaming up for the new film. The Digimon Adventure 02 was the direct sequel to the first Digimon Adventure series, although it featured a new set of main characters. It had a total of 50 episodes and aired from April 2, 2000, to March 25, 2001.

The anime is available to watch on Hulu, which describes the plot as:
3 years after the adventure of Tai and his friends, a new enemy Digimon Kaiser appears in the Digital World and he is out to control all Digimon. The powers of Digimon Kaiser prevent Agumon and other Digimon from Digivolving, causing a big scare. In this pinch a new generation of hero arrives, it’s the Veemon! Veemon is able to combine with DigiMental and create a new type of Digimon that has never been seen before. Tai calls upon Daisuke Motomiya, a kid on his soccer team to the Digital World and to fight along with Veemon. What kind of adventures will this new pair run into, but more importantly, will they be able to save the Digital World from the Digimon Kaiser?

You can watch the teaser for the upcoming movie below:

Key visual for the Digimon Adventures 02 movie

Digimon franchise

Digimon is a Japanese media franchise, which consists out of multiple anime and movie series, as well as video games, card trading games, toys, and even a stage play. The name Digimon is a shortened version of “Digital Monsters”.

The first anime series Digimon Adventure started airing in 1999 and ended after 54 episodes. Crunchyroll licensed the anime and describes the plot as:
While at summer camp, seven kids come across seven Digivices and are transported to a strange digital world. In this new world they make friends with creatures that call themselves Digimon who were born to defend their world from various evil forces.

Source: Digimon Ghost Game Official Website
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