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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5: How to Get Clicks

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5 is now airing! Last week’s episode left off with a famous MeTuber declaring that she’d be Naoya’s new girlfriend. How does that pan out? Let’s talk about this week’s key talking points in this spoiler-filled discussion!

Naoya’s loyalty

A key part of Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5 is Naoya’s loyalty toward his two current girlfriends. In fact, it’s kind of the center of this week’s episode. The wacky shenanigans that ensue all stem from Naoya being resolute in that he does not want a third girlfriend. This is to MeTuber Mirika’s dismay and leads to her desperately trying to prove her worth to the boy.

It’s gonna take all of Mirika’s efforts to break Naoya… right?

However, this is music to the ears of Saki and Nagisa. The three stand adamant, claiming that they do not want to add a fourth member to their group. Of course, Mirika’s advances do tug on Saki and Nagisa’s insecurities. Aspects of Mirika’s physical appearance, in particular, are of some concern among Naoya’s two girlfriends. This leads to the two taking… drastic measures to secure their relationship with Naoya.

Naoya’s loyalty is something interesting to see in this episode. There may have been those who expected Naoya to be down for a third girlfriend right off the bat. After all, he didn’t hesitate when faced with the prospect of getting a second girlfriend. How long he will be able to maintain this loyalty and hold off on the attractive Mirika’s advances is another question altogether.

What’s this girl’s deal?!

Mirika the MeTuber is a strange addition to the show’s cast. She stumbles onto the three in their private lunchtime area and suddenly becomes so insistent that she must be Naoya’s girlfriend. Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 5 sheds some light on how strange this girl really is.

What is this MeTuber’s deal?

She goes as far as to camp outside Naoya’s house, declaring that she’ll stay there until they let her in. This proves to be no easy feat for her. However, she manages to overcome all obstacles that she faces. She uses the power of money to get her a more comfortable stay. She manages to find ways to stay warm in the cold and to get a clean shower after a long night of exercise. It seems that she’ll go to great lengths in order to get with Naoya.

But why is she so insistent? Mirika is clearly a smart girl; she is a master at the art of clickbait, after all. So what is her deal? Why is she going loco for a guy she met less than 24 hours prior? That’s ultimately the question that arises from her desperate acts. Very little is shown about her, and this will no doubt be a point of curiosity moving forward.

Spoken like a true content creator!

Fanservice on top of fanservice

For harem anime like Girlfriend, Girlfriend, fanservice isn’t anything new. However, the show has been rather limited in its displays of fan service before this week. Now, they’ve unleashed a whole bevy of service for fans to savor.

All three girls get eye-catching shots throughout the episode, leaving very little to the imagination. Saki, Nagisa, and Mirika all don swimsuits in this episode offering up very risqué sights for viewers to enjoy. What else is there to say? If fanservice is your thing, this episode has boatloads of it. Surely, some of you dirty rascals out there got a real kick out of it.

This week’s episode is a fanservice fiesta!

Week-to-week hilarity

Girlfriend, Girlfriend is a dumb show. It’s a story about a group of lovable idiots doing silly stupid things. Ultimately, this is the core appeal of Girlfriend, Girlfriend. This week’s episode highlights exactly what makes this show so enjoyable. It’s hilarious in all the best ways, offering up a ton of laughs on a week-to-week basis. It’s a ton of fun, and Episode 5 does a great job of continuing the precedent the show has set so far.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend‘s sixth episode will air on August 7, 2021!


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