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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7 – Temptations

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 episode 7 aired on November 18th, and it might be the raunchiest episode yet. In the last episode, it was decided that Mirika would move into Naoya’s home along with Shino, Saki, and Nagisa. With each new addition to the household, absurd and hilarious shenanigans always follow. Now, in this episode, we see each girl give her best shot at spending the night in Naoya’s room. It’s a silly episode with very little progress, but that’s not a complaint.

Nights with the Girlfriends

On Mirika’s first day in the household, she selfishly suggests that she gets to sleep in Naoya’s bedroom, which of course sets off the other three girls. Once the girls finally reach an agreement to take turns sleeping in Naoya’s room every night, they play a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine the lucky one who will go first. Shino is up to bat, despite being the one girl trying to suppress her romantic feelings for Naoya.

Shino’s approach to spending the night in Naoya’s room gets way more lewd than I think any of us could have expected. At first, Shino may be concerned about Naoya’s ability to resist the other girls and tries to put him to the test with some sexy lingerie – something fairly out of character for her. But this concern becomes overshadowed by her romantic feelings for Naoya, as she wants him to actually have some kind of attraction towards her. The night ends with Naoya putting a shirt over Shino in a protective way, asking her to assist him in “temptation training”.

The next night, Mirika gets a shot at spending the night in Naoya’s room. From past experiences with Mirika, we could probably guess that she has some kind of lewd plan in mind, but surprisingly she shows up in an animal onesie for the night. Naoya’s slip-up in telling the girls that Shino was even hard to resist made Mirika worried that he might actually try something on her. The night quickly gets spicy as Mirika takes off the onesie to try to convince Naoya to play with her – but this ends in Naoya refusing and they both go to sleep.

Nagisa takes a unique approach as she notices Naoya’s health has declined. She dresses up as a sexy nurse in order to demand that Naoya take better care of himself and get some sleep. Nagisa, on the surface, has always seemed to be the kind and shy type, but I think in this episode we see a more… dominant side of her. The next night, Saki feels that Naoya is holding in his temptation so much that he may need some kind of release. We all know Saki isn’t the brightest, but it still comes as a shock that she decides to bring lewd magazines into the bedroom as a way for Naoya to release his frustration. This scenario ends with Naoya awkwardly pasting a photo of Saki’s face onto the girls in the magazine so as to not seem as though he’s looking at other girls.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 episode 7 feels like the best-paced episode of the season, as each girl gets their moment with Naoya. The series continues to be the funniest and most jarring show on my watch list this season. What we call “anime trash” — Girlfriend, Girlfriend is the epitome of that statement. No matter what, we’ll keep watching. Until episode 8, check out my review on 16Bit Sensation: Another Layer, my favorite anime airing this season.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 episode 7 score: 7/10

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