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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 9 – To Okinawa

The time has finally come in Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2, Episode 9 to head to Okinawa, Japan’s summer paradise! Our four girls hop on a plane with Naoya to Japan’s southernmost region, not only to enjoy the summer sun but to win Naoya’s attention and affection. We also get to see Mirika and Shino’s partnership in action.

Vacay with the Girlfriends

The opening scene of the episode follows our cast onboard their flight to Okinawa. This is where Naoya reveals he has a fear of flying, and the girls try to comfort him in ways that only they can. It was funny that the plane was almost empty, which is quite different from the usual crowded summer flights to popular destinations such as Okinawa in Japan. While the animation quality and immersion of this show may not be its strong points, I personally find enjoyment in watching these girls compete weekly to win over Naoya, so I’ll forgive the empty plane.

The girls awkwardly gather around Naoya during a fit of turbulence and eventually land in Okinawa. Keep in mind that the group will be spending the next few days at Shino’s family’s beach house. This location will surely be the backdrop for some heated scenes between the characters in upcoming episodes. It doesn’t take long for the group to head to change into their swimsuits and hit the beach.

Interestingly, Mirika actually arrives at the beaches of Okinawa wearing a school swimsuit, just as Naoya had instructed her. In fact, Naoya takes a moment to appreciate all the girls’ swimsuits that he so carefully picked for them. Meanwhile, Mirika and Shino are determined to prevent Saki and Naoya from having any alone time, as they are concerned that a kiss might occur. Shino, despite her initial hesitance to obey Mirika’s instructions, decides to comply with them to safeguard the secrecy of her love for Naoya.

Shino attempts to keep Naoya and Saki from going off alone by pretending that she lost her bikini top in the water, starting the most awkward scene in the episode. Shino, on the surface, is usually a reserved and composed individual, so it’s jarring to see her have to take such desperate measures just to keep her secret safe. Mirika truly has Shino on a leash.

Although Saki and Naoya miss out on their chance, it seems that Nagisa, Shino, and Mirika are all getting an increased share of his attention during this Okinawa trip. It’s clear that Mirika has some unsettling plans in the upcoming episode, given that Naoya is now unconscious in bed after his earlier attempt to assist Shino in the ocean. So much happened in Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 episode 9, and it felt like a much better-paced episode than previous ones. There are just three episodes left in the season, and it seems that Naoya doesn’t favor any particular girl when it comes to his feelings yet.

The Okinawa arc isn’t even halfway over yet, so look forward to Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 episode 10 airing next week. Until then, check out my write-up on the latest episode of The Apothecary Diaries, also airing this fall season.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 9 Score: 8/10
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