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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 10 – It's Shino's Time

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 returned with episode 10 and it continues to follow the cast on their summer vacation in Okinawa. We pick up right where we left off as Mirika is straddling Naoya in bed with the door locked, which is honestly a situation I don’t wish to dwell on too much in this write-up. The episode’s most significant takeaway lies in the moments of solitude that Shino and Naoya share on a deserted island.

Her Resolve

Shino is completely locked out of the bedroom in which Mirika has Naoya captive. This uncomfortable scene features Mirika forcing herself upon Naoya. Eventually, Shino and Saki get the door open and find Naoya still strapped to the bed and Mirika having fled out the window.

Naoya is either too nice or stupid this season. (Not that he wasn’t also an idiot last season.) He still somehow sees… something in Mirika, to which he isn’t as harsh on her as I think he should be. I was willing to give Mirika some leeway earlier on in the season, but she just keeps taking things too far. While she is, however, entertaining, she’s starting to overstay her welcome after putting Naoya in such an uncomfortable situation.

The latter part of Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 episode 10 centers on Shino, who remains under Mirika’s control and struggles to reconcile her affection for Naoya. Shino and Naoya find themselves alone on the beach when Shino’s precious purple bow is swept into the ocean. Without hesitation, the two jump into the water in pursuit of it. This leads them to wash ashore on a small and empty island. Initially, I believed that the deserted island setting would turn out to be a dream of Shino’s. However, by the end of the episode, we don’t get any answers to this speculation.

Due to the cold night, Shino hesitantly takes off her wet bikini while Naoya makes a fire. Shino, nervously taking this chance, tells Naoya of a person that she has liked for a long time, but can’t admit her feelings to. At this moment, I can tell Naoya truly cares for Shino as he tries to make her feel safe and heard.

The episode ends on one of the most touching scenes we’ve had this season. Shino and Naoya end up in their usual accidental position — Shino directly on top of him, naked. As tears flow from Shino’s eyes, she silently begs Naoya to stop being so nice to her so that she may suppress her romantic feelings for the sake of her friend, Saki. I think the way this scene is animated and storyboarded makes me feel that Shino and Naoya have some kind of chemistry that I just don’t see with the other girls. I can’t say that I’m Shino’s number one fan, but I also have to admit that the two’s interactions are way more precious compared to… well… Mirika’s, of course. But I’m also starting to see how Shino could win Naoya’s heart over Saki and Nagisa too. If I’m real honest, she may have won over my heart in this episode.

We only have two episodes left this season. I feel that the Okinawa arc may end next week during episode 11. This entire summer trip and season has been progressive for Shino, and we’ll see how her private time with Naoya ends next week in Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 episode 11. Until then, check out my write-up on The Apothecary Diaries, also airing this season.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 10 Score: 7/10
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