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Domestic Girlfriend Author Becomes a Target of Hate Comments Online

Anime Corner Author

Sasuga Kei, the person behind “Domestic no Kanojo” story and art, has recently received numerous distasteful comments on the Internet.

She wrote about it on her Twitter profile, saying:”Twitter is getting hard [for me to use] because of too many scorns, criticisms, and stalkers from abroad.”

We want to tell our fans at Anime Corner that we find this VERY WRONG. You should NEVER threaten anyone for a story they’ve written. No one has forced you to read or watch the franchise enough for the author to receive threats. Not only that, but it can also impact the person behind the work.

It’s fine to make jokes, memes, or criticize about it, as long as you do not attack the author and staff that worked on it. Please note that you are not entitled to act disrespectful to these manga writers, who have already worked extremely hard to give us the content that we have been following for years. It was her own imagination, and she has every right, just like everyone else, to do whatever she wants with it.

We hope that our fans understand the authors and support their decisions, instead of attacking them.

Source: Kei Sasuga’s twitter

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