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Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Game Projects Announced

Exciting new developments occurred on May 26, 2021, for Dragon Quest’s 35th anniversary. Although details were limited, the anniversary stream did tease what to expect for the franchise’s future going forward. Additionally, this gaming news article will focus on these new projects for those that missed the Dragon Quest stream.

New Spin-Offs For Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary

Dragon Quest Treasures and Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi are the newest spin-off announcements of the franchise. The former focuses on Erik and Mia, who were beloved characters from the eleventh main entry. Dragon Quest Treasures will be an RPG treasure hunting adventure game that will focus on Erik and Mia’s childhood before Dragon Quest 11. Dragon Quest Treasures is planned for a simultaneous release worldwide for all fans to enjoy.

Additionally, Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi is a unique spin-off that will be a puzzle game focusing on fan-favorite characters and monsters as erasers. The game’s platform will be on mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

MMO Version 6 Expansion And Offline Version

Exciting news has released for the Japanese exclusive Dragon Quest 10, with the version 6 expansion officially announced. They allow players to further enjoy their time with the Dragon Quest 10, which has been ongoing since 2012.

However, those that don’t wish to experience Dragon Quest 10’s multiplayer experience will be happy to hear that they’ll be able to play an offline version of the game. Unfortunately, the Dragon Quest 10 MMO isn’t planned for a worldwide release and will remain a Japanese exclusive game in the franchise.

Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Announces Remake

Often cited as one of the most critical JRPGs ever made, Dragon Quest 3 is celebrating a brand new remake in celebration of the franchise’s 35th anniversary. Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D Remake’s Masaaki Hayasaka is a producer who worked on Octopath Traveler titles.

Additionally, Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D Remake‘s development team is aiming for an experience that combines 2D sprites with beautiful 3D effects that will entertain fans both old and new. What’s more, Dragon Quest 3 HD 2D Remake will come out worldwide.

Dragon Quest 12 Teaser

Dragon Quest 12: The Flames Of Fate is arguably the most significant announcement in the 35th-anniversary stream and the game that has the least amount of detail. Moreover, Dragon Quest 12 will be darker in tone compared to the rest of the franchise.

Furthermore, Dragon Quest 12 will have changed in the combat system, which will modify the turn-based battles to an unknown degree. Dragon Quest 12 will also allow players to have more choices that will affect the story. Square Enix hopes to release Dragon Quest 12 worldwide.

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