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Earn by Writing About Anime & Manga

Earn gacha money from your love for anime! Anime Corner is now hiring writers to join the team following our recent website expansion! The website in question is this one, and the location is WORLDWIDE!


– Free unlimited access to legal anime streaming sites such as Funimation, Netflix, Crunchyroll, whichever you need. You will naturally also be free to use it for personal use.
– Cash incentives will be given per article written, and the cash amount will depend on the criteria and performance of the articles.
– Chance to work on projects directly with people from the Anime & Manga industry (interviews, collaborations, future types of projects we haven’t tried yet, etc.)
– Potential to share your content with an audience of 1,600,000+ followers (over our 2 pages: Anime Corner & Anime Corner News)


– Write about interesting topics related to Anime & Manga. Can be news, recommendations, features, anything that is interesting for the community (we are open to literally any suggestion, as long as it’s not distasteful or disrespectful to others).
– Join regular meetings to discuss plans and ideas (we love talking, but chatting is also fine!)
– Enjoy what you do!


The potential writers must first fill all of the below requirements:
– must be over 16 years old
– must be open-minded and ready to work with people of different nationalities and cultures
– any backgrounds are welcome, as long as you have a passion for anime and desire to channel it


– must have a solid grasp of English. The better it is, the more likely we are to select you to join our team.
– must have an internet connection that allows anime streaming and attending the team meetings.
– must have a device that can smoothly run streaming apps, such as Funimation, Netflix, etc.
– should enjoy seasonal anime. We love mainstream, but our community is mostly filled with seasonal watchers and that’s a trait we look for in members as well (doesn’t have to watch everything, but at least a few new shows is preferred)


  1. How much can I earn?
    – We can’t give an exact number, but a relatively active writer will easily be able to earn anywhere between $40-50 to over $200-300 per month depending on the type of content. That’s the starting situation, and it’s likely to increase as the site grows along with our online presence.
  2. How will you pay me?
    – The total earning for a month will be paid on the 1st day of the next one. The payment will be digital, and you should have one of the following:
    – PayPal
    – Payoneer
    – GCASH
    Even if you don’t have the above, where there is will there is a way. As long as it’s possible to send money to wherever you are via the Internet, we will try to utilize it.
  3. How much work will I have?
    – This depends on your availability and activity. We don’t have fixed hours, but the amount of work directly affects your earning for a month.
  4. How do I know if I am accepted?
    – Anime Corner will reach out to you via e-mail, Discord, or Facebook. If you do not receive any messages, it means that your application was not accepted.
  5. What if I don’t see the message?
    – The time frame for replying to us will be 72 hours since receiving the message. Failure to respond within that time frame will be considered as withdrawal of the application.
  6. How many writers will you hire?
    – The current plan is to hire 3 new writers, though it may increase depending on the number of applicants, as well as the quality of the applications.

NOTE: This is not a substitute for a regular job and we are just offering the chance to earn something from spending time on anime & manga related content. 

Any other roles?

We are currently hiring writers to expand the web team of Anime Corner. If you are interested in joining as a content creator or something else, please wait for our next hiring post for general members!

If there’s any other question, please feel free to ask us via our inbox or email news @ animecorner.me.

You can also follow our website for all anime & manga news here or vote for your favorite show of the week here!

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