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Egao no Taenai Shokuba Desu Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

The Egao no Taenai Shokuba Desu manga series is getting an anime adaptation, which will air in 2025. Studio Voil, which is also animating the upcoming Acro Trip anime this year, is both animating and producing the series. A commemorative illustration by mangaka Kuzushiro has been released as part of the announcement:

Egao no Taenai Shokuba Desu anime – Commemorative Illustration

Egao no Taenai Shokuba Desu (A Smile in an Unbearable Workplace) is a manga series written and illustrated by Kuzushiro. It was first published as a one-shot in Kodansha’s josei manga magazine Kiss in February 2019. It was then picked up and serialized on Kodansha’s Comic Days manga website in May 2019. The manga’s ninth volume was recently released, with the cover also mentioning the anime adaptation for the series.

Egao no Taenai Shokuba Desu – Volume 9 Cover

The manga follows the story of Nana Futami, a new shoujo manga artist who works hard every day while being supported by Kaede Satou, her female editor who is older than her, and Mizuki Hazama, her assistant.

It is also worth noting that this will be Studio Voil’s second major work. The studio is represented by Takeo Ootaka, who was previously an animation producer for Geno Studio before establishing Voil. Ootaka is known for his work in Golden KamuyScarlet Nexus, and Gyakusatsu Kitan. Voil has also assisted with the second episode of the Tomo-chan Is A Girl series.

Source: Comic Days
©Kuzushiro/Comic Days

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