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Engage Kiss Episode 2 Preview Released

The preview for episode 2 of the original anime Engage Kiss has been released. The episode will premiere on July 9. You can watch the preview video below:

Tomoya Tanaka is directing Engage Kiss at studio A-1 Pictures. Fumiaki Maruto (How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend – Saekano author) is in charge of the series composition while Tsunako (Date a Live illustrator) is designing the characters.

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The official Twitter of the anime also posted 5 preview images and you can check them out below:

The official website describes the plot of episode 2 as:
Kisara is in a good mood after obtaining a duplicate key to Shu’s room. Shu, on the other hand, is not at ease with the fact that she has taken the liberty of knowing the company’s financial situation and is encroaching more and more on his living space, pretending to be a “woman in the shadows.” But even more problematic is the lack of living expenses for the time being. When Shu realizes that the deposit he had been counting on is still a long way off, he asks Ayano for a second contract to take care of it. Thus, Shu and Kisara are in charge of guarding the 25th anniversary party of Baylon City and protecting the mayor from terrorist attacks.

You can watch episode 2 of Engage Kiss on Crunchyroll and Bilibili TV. You can also vote for the series in our weekly polls.

Source: Engage Kiss Official Twitter
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