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Fanfare of Adolescence Episode 1 Preview Images Released

Preview images for the upcoming episode 1 of Fanfare of Adolescence have just been released. Said series is directed by Makoto Kato and animated by Lay-duce.

For the first episode, viewers will be introduced to Yu Arimura, the center of a popular male idol group called “Mr. Doctor”. At the height of his career, he regrettably took a break from show business to enroll in a horse racing school’s jockey course to become a professional jockey.

As he is preparing to attend a press conference, an accident occurs inside the campus. As the students try their very best to control the situation, Yu has a fateful encounter with another classmate, Shun Kazanami, who arrives late.

The first episode of Fanfare of Adolescence goes live on April 2, 2022 (24:00 JST). The series is available on Crunchyroll, as well as simulcast on Aniplus Asia. If you are interested in the show’s songs, the opening song is “Move The Soul“, performed by Japanese boy group JO1, while the ending song will be “OUTSIDERS” by Junki Kono and Sho Yonashiro from JO1 and SawanoHiroyuki[nZk].

Set in a horse racing academy where three 15-year-old boys train to become jockeys. The three-year program is extremely tough, and applicants must pass not only an academic but also a physical and fitness test. Yu Arimura is a former popular idol who, after watching horse racing for the first time, gets infatuated with it and wants to join the academy.

Shun Kanami grew up on an island and only heard about horse races through radio broadcasts. Amane came from a wealthy English family, and his father was a jockey. He previously studied at several horse racing institutes throughout the world.

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