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FanFes Circuit 2023: A Small But Cheerful Festival of Anime and Cosplay Fandoms

A small and lively festival– the FanFes Circuit 2023 is another cosplay and anime event organized by Cosplay.ph. The event was held last May 23-24, at the Ayala Circuit, Makati City, Philippines. This is the cozier version of its event series which follows after Cosplay Carnival, and it dedicates its focus to a celebration and appreciation of Filipino anime fandoms. Its free entrance and mall venue also contributed to the events’ friendly energy, making it a welcoming place for any mall-goer.

FanFes Day 1

In addition to its main floor, FanFes Circuit 2023 also featured more exhibits and an artists’ alley extension on the second floor. Space for the rest and photography area was also added this year.

One of the special celebrations this year at FanFes Circuit 2023 is NIKKE’s half-year anniversary which had contests, giveaways, and a maid cafe. Aside from the Solo Cosplay Catwalk competition, con-goers also had the chance to freely join the Cosplay Parade, an activity where cosplayers could strut and display their costumes around the Ayala Mall.

FanFes Circuit 2023 was easily a showcase of creativity — from the artists at the FanFair, cosplayers at the Cosplay Parade and Catwalk, the cheerful gamers at the NIKKE booth, the simple con-goers, and many more. It’s always nice to see people who are dedicated and passionate about their craft, and it’s even nicer to see that it makes other people (the children especially) smile. The community definitely proves to be ever-supportive and inspiring. FanFes Circuit 2023 without a doubt delivered a fun and heartwarming scene for it.

If you’re excited about more anime conventions, the next one in the Cosplay Mania event series by Cosplay.ph is the Anime and Cosplay Expo this July 15-16 at the SMX Convention Center. See you there!

Anime Corner was an official media partner for Cosplay Carnival 2023.

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