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Fate/Strange Fake Announces TV Anime Adaptation With a Teaser Visual, Trailer

Ryogo Narita’s Fate/strange Fake light novel is getting a TV anime adaptation, as announced earlier following the premiere of the Whispers of a Dawn special at Anime Expo 2023. The special serves as an introduction to the upcoming TV series.

Fate/strange Fake – TV Anime Announcement Visual

In addition to the announcement visual, a trailer and visual are also out:

Studio A-1 Pictures animated Fate/strange Fake: Whispers of the Dawn. Shizuki Mori was credited with the original character designs. Shun Enokido and Takahito Sakazume directed the special with Daisuke Ohigashi on the script. Yukei Yamada is did the character designs and Hiroyuki Sawano composed the music and the theme song “FAKEit” performed by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Laco. Whispers of Dawn premieres on July 2 and it unveiled a new trailer earlier:

Fate/Strange Fake is a light novel series that is part Type-Moon’s Fate franchise, written by Ryogo Narita and illustrated by Morii Shizuki. The special was initially scheduled to premiere on December 21, 2022, but was delayed.

The cast includes:

  • Kana Hanazawa/Anjali Kunapaneni as Ayaka Sajo
  • Yuki Ono/Ben Balmaceda as Saber
  • Sumire Morohoshi as Tine Chelc
  • Tomokazu Seki/David Vincent as Gilgamesh (Archer)
  • Yuu Kobayashi/Marin Miller as Enkidu (Lancer)
  • Wataru Hatano as Orlando Reeve
  • Showtaro Morikubo as Caster
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Flatt Escardos
  • Kenyuu Horiuchi as Berserker
  • Tatsumaru Tachibana as Jester Karturei
  • Lynn as Assassin
  • Maaya Uchida as Francesca Prelati
  • Junya Enoki as Faldeus Dioland
  • Shunsuke Sakuya as Langal
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Waver Velvet (Lord El-Melloi II)
Fate/stange Fake – TV anime

Crunchyroll will be streaming the anime and describes the plot as:
In a Holy Grail War, Mages (Masters) and their Heroic Spirits (Servants) fight for the control of the Holy Grail—an omnipotent wish-granting device said to fulfill any desire. Years have passed since the end of the Fifth Holy Grail War in Japan. Now, signs portend the emergence of a new Holy Grail in the western American city of Snowfield. Sure enough, Masters and Servants begin to gather… A missing Servant class… Impossible Servant summonings… A nation shrouded in secrecy… And a city created as a battleground. In the face of such irregularities, the Holy Grail War is twisted and driven into the depth of madness. Let the curtain rise on a masquerade of humans and heroes, made to dance upon the stage of a false Holy Grail.

Source: Official Website
© Ryogo Narita, TYPE-MOON/Kadokawa/FSFPC

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