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Full Dive RPG: New Comedy Anime From Cautious Hero Author

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“Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life” released episode 1 today, and it was a very entertaining debut. The story for the full dive RPG anime is written by Light Tuchihi, the original creator of “Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious“, while studio ENGI handles the animation. There are some similarities, though this MC is definitely not overpowered. His name is Hiro Yuuki, and he is voiced by the awesome Yamashita Daiki (Deku, Narancia, Sawada). The character seemed to be a running athlete. Sadly though, something happened, and he now spends most of his time in VR games.

full dive rpg cautious hero anime

His teacher worries, but isn’t too helpful, and some randoms also take his money as a normal thing. However, he’s more mature than it seems, and he just moves on to buy the newest VR game. As he couldn’t afford it due to missing a 1000 yen, he gave up. But as luck would have it, he stumbles upon a random game shop ran by a beautiful girl/new waifu. Her name is Reona, and Taketatsu Ayane (Koneko, Azusa, Nino) is the voice actress. She wonders how the game he wants could have 22 parts, and pushes him into buying a different game instead. A “hardcore” one for adults that is.

full dive rpg cautious hero anime

When he logs into the game, he realizes it’s way too realistic. He feels pain, and all his senses function as in real life. He meets the first NPCs, but they act weird when he suggests going to the town. They argue over it and he ends up killing his “best friend”. I laughed at the jokes in that scene, and then the NPC sister Alicia became the character aiming to kill him. Her voice is Ai Fairouz, who will also be voicing Jolyne in the upcoming JoJo Part 6: Stone Ocean! Hiro runs away, and ends up meeting Reona in-game. She’s a support fairy, and although still early to say, it looks like she might be just as useful as Ristarte.

full dive rpg cautious hero anime

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life” Episode 1 is available on Funimation. Episode 2 comes out on April 4 and its title will be “Living in a Dead Game”. You can read the synopsis for the show:

Hiroshi Yuki has just picked up Kiwame Quest, the realest VRMMO ever made. But this RPG is TOO lifelike; he can smell, taste, feel—and when he’s hurt in it, his physical body is hurt too. Even worse, his abilities in this adventure suck as much as they do in daily life. This was supposed to be immersion, not reality. Consumed with winning, he swears he’ll conquer this game—even if it kills him!

As we wait for season 2 of Cautious Hero, we can enjoy the new Full Dive RPG anime from the author instead. It’s interesting to note that the source light novel for this one only started about half a year ago in August 2020!

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Full Dive RPG Official Website: fulldive-rpg.com
Full Dive RPG Official Twitter: @fulldive_anime

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