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Gamera Rebirth Anime Gets September 7 Release Date, New Trailer and Visual

The Gamera Rebirth anime will be released on September 7 on Netflix globally. A new trailer and visual have been released, as well as details on a new kaiju visual and the theme song. Studio ENGI is animating the series while Hiroyuki Seshita is directing it.

Gamera Rebirth anime – New Main Trailer

The theme songs are “Natsuake” as the main theme and “FLY & DIVE” as the ending theme, both performed by WANIMA. The cast for the anime includes Hisako Kanemoto as Boco, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Joe, Aki Toyosaki as Junichi, Subaru Kimura as Brody, Mamoru Miyano as James Tazaki, and Saori Hayami as Emiko Melchiorri. The rest of the staff is as follows:

  • Assistant Director: Keisuke Ide
  • Head Writers: Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko and Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Scriptwriters: Kenta Ihara, Hiroshi Seko, Tetsuya Yamada and Hiroyuki Seshita
  • Character Designer: Atsushi Tamura
  • Kaiju Designer: Kan Takahama
  • Production Designer: Naoya Tanaka and Ferdinando Patulli
  • Mechanical Designer: Takehiko Hoashi
  • Animation Director: Kouji
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Music Composer: Shuji Katayama
  • Modeling Director and Lighting Director: Mitsunori Kataama
Gamera Rebirth anime – New Main Visual

The summary for the Gamera Rebirth anime is described as follows:
In summer of 1989, sixth graders Boko, Joe and Junichi are on their last summer vacation as elementary school students. Brody, the son of a US military commander, suddenly appears before them stealing away the money they had saved. Furious, they begin plotting how to get their money back, but as they are about to carry out the plan, the kaiju Gyaos, suddenly attacks Tokyo. Petrified before Gyaos, a huge kaiju appears out of nowhere. Its name is Gamera. And so their “Summer of Kaiju” begins. Kaiju appear one after another, but Gamera heroically fights back despite its wounds. The boys witness the legend.

Gamera Rebirth anime – Updated Visual featuring the Gamera and the five kaiju

Gamera Rebirth (stylized as Gamera -Rebirth-) is based on the trilogy of Gamera films Shusuke Kaneko directed, namely Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995), Gamera 2: Attack of Legion (1996), and Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999). The three films are also known as Heisei Gamera, named after the Japanese era in which these films were released.

The kaiju Gamera first appeared in the 1965 film Daikaiju Gamera (Gamera, the Giant Monster), which was directed by Noriaki Yuasa. The latest Gamera film is the 2006 film Chiisaki Yusha-tachi Gamera (Gamera the Brave). The Gamera franchise was aimed at competing with the popular Godzilla franchise.

Source: Press Release, Official Website
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