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Geek+Pop Gold: The Ultimate Convention for Everything in Between

The Geek+Pop Gold event by Cadre28, Cagayan de Oro’s biggest pop-culture convention yet, enthralled attendees at the Limketkai Atrium between May 25 and 26 of this syear. The two-day extravaganza was a true geek haven that offered exciting activities, from its competitive gaming tournaments, captivating exhibits, bustling artist alleys, and breathtaking cosplay showcases.

Geek+Pop Gold wasn’t just for the locals of Cagayan de Oro. The Kagay-anons were joined by pop culture enthusiasts from neighboring cities, like Butuan and Davao, who all came decked out for a fun-filled weekend. Traveling for hours just to attend this event was absolutely worth it because it had everything — from anime and gaming, cosplay and photography, dance and song performances, and to arts and crafts. Basically, everyone at the event had something to enjoy!

Despite the large crowd and the blistering summer weather, the air-conditioned Limketkai Atrium, with its wide selection of food and beverage stalls, ensured that heat and hunger wouldn’t be a problem for attendees. In fact, Geek+Pop Gold kept everyone entertained from start to finish.

For example, attendees enjoyed games organized by Converge and HUBE Computers. There was a “Bring Me” challenge and a trivia quiz on Viber, acknowledging that running to the stage might be difficult for many cosplayers in attendance. The winners were awarded gaming essentials. Meanwhile, all around the event, many events happened simultaneously.

Filipino Idol Hour

The Philippines’ idol community was well-represented at Geek+Pop Gold 2024 as talented dance cover groups from Cagayan de Oro graced the stage, not to mention the J-pop idol group Pastel∞Mix from Davao.

Geek+Pop Gold offered a diverse range of idol talent that extended beyond J-pop to include K-pop and P-pop as well. The groups in attendance were an interesting mix; from long-time high-school friends with over a decade of experience forged, and to eager newcomers. Before the performers took the stage, they each shared their inspirations as to why they formed their groups. The common thread? A shared passion that ignited a desire, ambition, and enthusiasm to perform.

Asian Pop Fusion

The Asian Pop Fusion at Geek+Pop Gold took inspiration from the K-pop community’s popular “random play dance” concept. The activity featured a wider musical selection, encompassing P-pop and J-pop as well.

For instance, the P-pop category had its participants dance to Original Pinoy Music (OPM) songs from Filipino idol groups BINI and SB19. Meanwhile, The J-pop category featured both J-idol hits and banger anime openings, like “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” from MASHLE: Magic and Muscles, which easily got the audience grooving.

Even RuRu, one of the anticipated special guests of the event, joined in on the fun of Asia Pop Fusion! While wearing a Yor Forger cosplay from the Spy × Family anime, RuRu joined and danced to a medley of LE SSERAFIM’s “Smart,” Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy,” and BINI’s “Salamin, Salamin.” It was a delightful twist to see Yor, the ruthless assassin, transformed into an idol! RuRu shared the experience in a Facebook reel and said that it was crazy.

Genshin Impact Prepares Gifts for CDO Fans

Genshin Impact Live Gameplay on Stage at Geek+Pop Gold

Aside from the retro and dynamic games, one of the highlights at Geek+Pop Gold is that the popular open-world action RPG, Genshin Impact, also joined the festivities at Cagayan de Oro. They actually had a special treat— Genshin Impact cosplayers at the event did not leave empty-handed as they received their choice of official merchandise from both Genshin Impact and Razer Gold.

I actually attended Geek+Pop Gold while cosplaying as Clorinde, so when Razer Gold saw me, they gave me their official bag merchandise. It came in handy for carrying everything I needed throughout the day. Meanwhile, I got a keychain of Genshin Impact‘s Thoma, my favorite housekeeper. There was also a separate Genshin Impact cosplay competition which was open to anyone cosplaying a Teyvat character at the event.

Cosplay Photography 101

Canon’s cosplay photography master, Jay Tablante, was also one of Geek+Pop’s esteemed guests. During his panel onstage, Mr. Tablante offered valuable tips for aspiring photographers, especially for those interested in cosplay photography. He even revealed that his Raiden Shogun photoshoot involved capturing around 800 stunning shots!

Although Mr. Tablante offers his photography services free of charge, he shared that he prefers to take photos of cosplayers who have meticulous attention to detail and effort in embodying their characters. He also shared that one of his best works includes his photoshoot with Alodia Gosiengfiao’s Mikasa Ackerman cosplay. He said that his knowledge of trigonometry surprisingly proved useful in achieving the jaw-dropping outcome of their photoshoot.

Photo via Canon Philippines Facebook.

At the end of his segment, Mr. Tablante’s discussion overall provided plenty of insightful perspectives. His expert knowledge undoubtedly satisfied aspiring photographers and attendees, and the generous giveaways also added to that. Later, Mr. Tablante held a live shoot at the photography exhibit booth by Project Light.

The Guests of Honor at Geek+Pop Gold

Geek+Pop Gold Special Guests: RuRu and Charess. Photo via TRACE Facebook.

The undisputed highlight of Geek+Pop Gold was the appearance of renowned cosplayers Charess and RuRu, who traveled all the way from Cebu and Singapore, respectively.

When the busy VIP meet-and-greets finished, all the attendees were given the chance to meet RuRu and Charess at their booths. Although the line stretched long, many of the attendees believed that the wait was worthwhile just for the opportunity to meet these two talented beauties. Meanwhile, at the stage events, Charess judged the Cosplay Walk Skit on the first day while RuRu judged the Talent Contest on the second day of Geek+Pop Gold.

Geek+Pop Gold Host, Cosplay Walk-Skit Judges and Winners. Photo via Geek+Pop Facebook.

Geek, Pop, and Everything in Between

Geek+Pop Gold was a fantastic experience for a multi-fandom geek like me! Though my K-pop obsession gradually disappeared in 2021, it was that same year that I also dove headfirst into the incredible world of anime and otaku culture. It opened new doors and fueled hyper-fixations that have defined my personality for years. And while I’ve secretly always enjoyed OPM, Filipino idol culture never clicked for me until BINI came along.

And then, Geek+Pop Gold amazingly brought all these interests together in one beautiful event. It sure was fun strolling around the venue and hearing BINI’s music being blasted through the speakers. I was socializing with so many Genshin Impact fans and saw awesome cover groups rocking the fashion of their idol inspirations. Artists’ booths and cosplayers made up the majority of attendees too. So, I’m excited to present our Geek+Pop Gold event and cosplay gallery.

Ruru’s Meet and Greet

And that’s a wrap on our Geek+Pop Gold coverage! Huge thanks to Cadre28 and the Geek+Pop team for having us. For updates on upcoming events, don’t forget to follow Geek+Pop on Facebook. See you all at the next one!

Featured Photo: 愛DOLL & Project Light
Disclaimer: Anime Corner was given a Press Pass for the Geek+Pop Gold event.

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