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Genshin Impact Releases Kokomi Demo

Genshin Impact has just released a character demo for Sangonomiya Kokomi! The leader of the Sangonomiya resistance, Kokomi, is labeled a master strategist. Her skill in all things war-related has no doubt been integral in combatting the forces of the Raiden Shogun.

Even months before her release, she’s caught the eye of many players with her beautiful aesthetic. Furthermore, English VA Risa Mei and Japanese VA Suzuko Mimori both lend their voices to bring this beautiful priestess to life in-game.

Kokomi is set to make a huge splash in-game, and her character demo can be viewed in the link below:

A Thousand Waves Under The Moon

The demo begins with Kokomi, submerged in the middle of the ocean. She is surrounded by all sorts of glowing sea creatures. She explains how when smaller fish gather together, their forces can become overwhelming, and can serve as protection for all. Clearly, this alludes to the fight she wages against the Shogun’s forces. The rebellion is much like the fish she speaks of; smaller forces coming together to protect each other.

At first, Kokomi rests at the bottom of the ocean.

Then, Kokomi launches herself into combat. Her normal attacks are graceful and elegant, like the waves of a gentle sea. With one of her abilities, she summons a jellyfish to aid her in combat. It attacks opposing specters in tandem with her, creating a vicious force of Hydro attacks.

Kokomi takes to combat like fish to water!

Finally, at the crescendo of battle, she goes into her Ceremonial Garment state. Suddenly, an aura of blue water surrounds her, appearing to provide her with much more power in the fight. Floating and weaving through opponent attacks, Kokomi then makes quick work of the slimes and monsters she fights.

Kokomi then goes into her Ceremonial Garment state!

The demo ends with Kokomi reaffirming her duty as Divine Priestess. She must be a leader for the resistance, uniting them and leading them to new open waters.

Drifting Luminescence

Based on the demo, Kokomi appears to be a potent healer. Her water-based skill set appears to not only be capable of keeping allies alive but can also apply the Hydro element on opponents frequently. Furthermore, her skills appear so beautiful and graceful. And now, the time has come for Watatsumi’s master strategist to join players in battle!

Genshin Impact’s Kokomi will be available on the Drifting Luminescence banner, going live on September 21st, 2021. She will be making her playable character debut as the rate up five-star on the banner!

The divine priestess of Watatsumi Island is ready to join the fray! Will you be rolling for Genshin’s newest 5-star character?

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