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Raiden Shogun Gets an Electric Character Demo

Genshin Impact‘s 2.1 update is right around the corner! On the eve of this momentous occasion, the Raiden Shogun herself got her very own character demo. The raw power of Her Excellency is on full display, showcasing the true power of an Archon.

This character is one that is truly special. As the Electro Archon, there is an air of power and superiority surrounding her. This is certainly compounded by the stellar voice acting behind the character as well. The vocal talents of English VA Anne Yatco and Japanese VA Miyuki Sawashiro do a great job of bringing this imposing figure to life through her voice alone.

Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun thunders onto the scene in a spectacular character demo, which can be viewed below:

Judgment of Euthymia

Raiden Shogun: Plane of Euthymia

The character demo begins with Yae Miko looking into the distance on a palace in Inazuma, a crow landing on her arm. There, the Raiden Shogun stands atop the abode in the torrent of rain. The scene changes to one of her in her mysterious magical domain. She levitates, her legs crossed, and her eyes closed. Yae Miko explains that in a world of impermanence, the Raiden Shogun years for an unfettered and unperturbed eternity.

The Raiden Shogun’s ferocity in battle is unparalleled!

In a flash, the Raiden Shogun then takes to battle, showcasing raw power and a relentless drive. Her powerful electric attacks light up the scene in flashes of purple. The speed and ferocity of her blows make quick work of the thugs she takes on.

For a somber moment, she takes a moment to herself. In a voiceover, she reasons that fantasy can only survive with an underlying reality. It is then that two versions of her appear, back to back, perhaps hinting at the true nature of her character.

Illusions and fantasy; what does this mean for the Raiden Shogun’s story?

Then, she unleashes her elemental burst. She pulls her mighty blade from her chest, and viciously dices her way through her foes. All fall before the Raiden Shogun’s power. Not even the mightiest of samurai stand a chance against an Archon.

When she pulls that sword out, you know it’s over.

As the battle concludes, the electric glow fades from the Raiden Shogun’s eyes. The same crow from earlier lands on her arm, as she lets out a mysterious line. “Waking world, you seem; woven from the stuff of dreams.”

Reign of Serenity

Ever since she pulled that sword out of her chest the first time, the Raiden Shogun has been on the minds of Genshin Impact players everywhere. Now, the time has arrived for her to join the players in battle. From the looks of things, she appears to be a powerful Electro-based support character. Her ability to provide energy for her allies and supply additional damage with her skills will no doubt be valuable for many teams.

Genshin Impact’s Raiden Shogun will be available on the Reign of Serenity banner, going live on September 1st, 2020. She will be making her playable character debut as the rate up five-star on the banner. Additionally, Kujou Sara will be on the banner as well, being one of the four-star rate up characters.

To be stripped of one’s vision is to be stripped of one’s ambition. Are you ready to witness the Raiden Shogun’s ambition in all its glory? Will she be finding a way into your roster?

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