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Genshin Impact Releases New Exciting PVP Event

Genshin Impact‘s much anticipated Windtrace Event has arrived on the game’s servers, and is an absolute boatload of fun! The event boasts an introduction of a new game mode, which is hide-and-seek, Prop Hunt-esque fiesta.

This exciting new event not only allows players an opportunity to compete against other players—be it a friend, or a random opponent courtesy of matchmaking—but offers heaps of great rewards as well, including Primogems!

Genshin Impact’s got an exciting new game mode in their Windtrace Event!

Genshin Impact’s newest game mode spices up the status quo by providing a new co-op alternative players can enjoy. The game mode functions in a way similar to that of the popular game Prop Hunt. Here, players can engage in silly hide-and-seek shenanigans by hiding as mundane in-game objects. Players take up either the role of a rebel—whose job it is to avoid getting caught—or a hunter—whose job it is to find and capture the rebels in time.

This results in crazy fun outcomes in-game! Desperate hunters often run amok, hopelessly searching for the disguised rebel they had unknowingly passed for the fifth time in the round. At the same time, rebels have their hearts in their mouths, trying to remain unseen. That, coupled with the special abilities offered to both rebels and hunters, allows for endless possibilities and boundless fun.

Pretend to be a barrel and avoid capture from the hunters!

A fun experience all around!

The fun of participating in the new event also comes with rewards! Players get these rewards based on how well they perform in the game mode. Players can gather Windtrace Coins, which is an in-game point system that can be used to acquire rewards, by participating in the event. Among the rewards that can be earned are Character EXP Materials, Mora, a unique event name card, and a healthy serving of Primogems!

However, players must be aware that Windtrace Coins can only be earned by using the game’s random matchmaking system. Forming a co-op party of your own to participate in the event will not allow you to earn the coins. Ultimately, this allows for the competitive spirit of the game mode to be kept alive, while at the same time allowing friends the opportunity to enjoy the game among themselves in their own private groups.

The Windtrace Event comes with a number of great rewards!

This game mode is one of the most fun ones that Genshin has released in a while. This is the game’s first real PVP game mode, and it is a blast to play. There’s definitely something to enjoy here for every type of player. The lighthearted and goofy nature of the game mode provides a nice alternative to the monotonous domain grind players have become accustomed to.

Unfortunately, the Windtrace Event will only be around for ten days after coming out. This is exactly why players should give the event a go while it’s still around! So what are you waiting for? Boot up Genshin Impact, grab some rewards, disguise yourself as a box, and let the fun commence!

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