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Isekai Maou Season 2 Episode 6: Battle Of The Demon Lords

Isekai Maou episode 6 of season 2 has just dropped. Also known as Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω or How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord. The battle against the Demon Lords’ army has arrived and Diablo and co. are here to save the day.

We’re actually halfway through this season already, so what a great midway point! Episode 6 really showed off some great fight animation and some epic scenes. If you’re a fan of epic flexing then this was the episode for you.

So, following last week’s episode Varakness, Commander of the Demon Lord army has come to make true on his word. Laminitus, lord of Zircon city, has summoned her own army to defend her town. However, she and her army behind her cannot do much against Varakness’s overwhelming strength.

They put a put up a valiant effort, and Laminiuts even unleashes her devastating trump card. Though it cannot stand against Varakness and the power of his wives. Each of them possesses a unique ability, and when combined with his own strength makes them damn near unbeatable.

Drawing her last breath, Laminitus pleads to the heavens for anyone to help, and luckily someone was listening. Making a dramatic entrance as always Diablo emerges, to even the odds.

Though in Isekai Maou episode 6, thanks to the gear they got in the previous episode, the party makes quick work of the fallen soldiers. Horn and Lumachina provide support while Rem, Shera, and Rose all get to show off some of their newfound strength.

Not to be outshined, our main character puts his new gear to the test as well. See, not only does he unleash impressive attack power, but watching Varkaness fool around with his harem, mid-fight unleashes diablo’s rage.

Diablo no longer only cares about saving people, oh no, he’s got bigger concerns now. He’s already made it plenty clear that he’s the only real Demon Lord of this world. So if anyone is going to have a group of beautiful ladies hanging around them it’s going to be him.

So between some excellent animation in the fight sequences and the amazing comedy, Episode 6 provides some of the best work of the season. Honestly was hard to believe it was over, as it provides so much content in its time slot. A joy as always, this show remains one of my favorites of the season.

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Images via the How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Episode 5 stream on Crunchyroll
Official Website: isekaimaou-anime.com

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