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Isekai Maou Season 2 Episode 8: Onto The Capital

Isekai Maou episode 8 of season 2 has just premiered. Very much known as Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω or How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord. After a lovely time reminiscing with friends, it’s time to enter the capital.

We uncover a lot of secrets within the church and iron out a decent amount of plot this week. Though not a worry, the absolute insane comedy isn’t going anywhere, as we remain wacky as ever.

After leaving Faltra we have finally arrived at the royal capital and at first, it’s a rough start. After all, a horned demon and collective group of misfits are trying to enter. Luckily help arrives to guide them in the form of an old friend.

As it turns out, Alicia has been staying in the royal capital since she left Diablo and his group. She also happens to be absolutely loaded, with a massive amount of influence in the city’s workings. A quick word from her sends the guards scurrying and Diablo can easily enter the city.

After a moment to eat and recharge, everyone heads off to bed. However, Alicia meets one on one with Diablo to recap everything they missed out on. They discuss and the plan now becomes to use Alicia and her influence to gain evidence on the church’s misgivings.

Though as much as she helps, Rose is not having any of it. That also seems to be a theme this week as Rose gets a little possessive. It starts with a rough introduction with Alicia as they butt heads immediately. Then, when Horn starts to get a little too cozy with Diablo for her liking Rose steps in with the quickness.

Strange at first, we get an explanation for some of it later during the night. As it turns out, Rose runs on Magical Power which she can only recharge two ways. Either staying in her home dungeon or close to her master’s side which she has been doing but it’s not enough.

So now that we have our convenient excuse for this week’s shenanigans, let’s head straight for the nonsense. Turns out that there is a way to ‘super charge’ and that’s through direct contact. I could describe more but I’ll let you watch to figure out how they figure this out.

Another brilliant week for this show, as we actually achieve quite a bit in terms of the story. The ending of the episode sets us up for a great episode next week as we prepare for the season final in only 2 episodes! Also, the comedy keeps the mood light in one of the funnier shows of the season.

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Images via the How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Episode 7 stream on Crunchyroll
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