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Isekai Maou Season 2 Episode 7: Reunited At Last

Isekai Maou episode 7 of season 2 has just dropped. Also known as Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω or How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord. The battle against the demon lord’s army is done, and we can finally enjoy the peace for a moment.

Or at least we should, however, nothing comes easy in this show. Another episode full of laughs and outrageous scenarios, this was a great week for Diablo to slow down.

Diablo absolutely manhandled Varakness, and became the unofficial protector of Zircon City. So naturally, Laminitus wants to keep in town for as long as possible and is willing to do just about anything to make it happen. Her seduction attempt wasn’t bad, but she just hasn’t learned how shy this Demon Lord is with the ‘lewd’.

Running as if his life is on the line, Diablo flees for safety from the alluring mistresses. However, a new set of problems await, as Diablo and his crew stumble across everyone in their return to Faltra. For one reason or another, everyone from there seems to have a reason for something going awry since they left.

Isekai Maou episode 7 seems to revolve around meeting old friends. The likes of Celestine the head mage and the Heroic Emilie Bichelberger come to mind. The biggest change though is that the Cat-Girl idol joined a Bakery with Edelgard. This odd pair came together because she needs a job to supply Klem’s biscuit addiction.

However, we have never known peace in this show for longer than 23 seconds so it goes absolutely mental quickly. A new crime syndicate appeared while Diablo was away and seem intent on angering the most powerful people for fun. They make the foolish mistake of invading the bakery and destroying Kreb’s plate with biscuits.

So in order to prevent the devastating rampage of the young Demon Lord, Diablo is forced to put in effort. The team quickly dispatches these new weaklings, and impressively it seems Diablo has had a bigger influence than he thought.

Obviously, the slave collar helped, but Klem and Edelgard both listen to him when he says to not kill. They even present the alternative of having the boss apologize instead of killing him right away. Diablo’s influence has stretched further than we thought even while he was away.

This also comes into play later when others come to the defense of Klem. In an episode set on showing us what we’ve missed it was nice to see nothing remained stagnant. This show continues to be one of my favorites for a laugh this season and I cannot recommend it enough.

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Images via the How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Episode 7 stream on Crunchyroll
Official Website: isekaimaou-anime.com

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