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Genshin Impact's Itto Gets Character Demo

Genshin Impact just released a character demo for Arataki Itto! This mischievous troublemaker will be Genshin Impact’s first new five-star character to be released in nearly three months. Naturally, there are a ton of people out there excited for him. Brandishing chiseled abs, a cocky grin, and a giant claymore, he’s looking to be a wild addition to the game when he comes out. And now, the players can get their first look at him through the demo.

Make way for the one and oni!

The demo starts off at the end of Genshin Impact’s vision hunt decree. Arataki Itto confidently strolls through Inazuma. He and his gang arrive at the foot of the Raiden Shogun’s statue. Then, he instructs his gang to start from the top of the statue, hoping to find his confiscated vision.

In a flashback, Itto previously recalls being confronted by a ton of Inazuman officers, looking to take his vision from him. There, he confidently eggs them on, saying that to take his vision, they’ll need a lot more firepower to take him on.

“Arataki Itto, the supreme, the one and oni!”

And it certainly appears that he’s right. Arataki Itto becomes a beast in combat, wielding his greatsword with full force and ferocity. He ravages the initial wave of officers, who can’t even get near him in the fight. This is before he unleashes his burst. He suddenly infuses his claymore with the power of Geo. From then on, his slashes become far too powerful for the officers to handle. Itto makes quick work of them, finishing the attackers off with style.

Kujou Sara eventually takes his vision from him, which explains how it got confiscated. However, the oni is shocked to find out that his vision isn’t near the top of the statue like he had hoped. The vision finds itself at the foot of the statue, leaving Itto seething and humiliated.

Itto is disappointed to find out the truth.

Hanamizaka Heroics

The demo shows Itto’s potential to be a hard-hitting damage dealer. He wields his claymore with utmost ferocity, utilizing his Geo vision with it to devastating effect. Though he may be a troublemaker, he’ll certainly be able to solve problems through his sheer power alone.

Genshin Impact’s Itto will be available on the Hanamizaka Heroics banner, going live on December 15th, 2021. He will be making his playable character debut as the rate up five-star on the banner! Alongside him on the banner will be Gorou, who is one of the rate up four-star characters.

This loudmouthed oni is looking to get into some trouble! Will you be rolling for Genshin’s newest 5-star character?

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