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Get Cozy With Viz Media's December 2022 Releases

The season of cold weather, fog, and chilly wind is here for most of us, and what better way to combat the gloomy atmosphere than by holing up and reading? Today we’re taking a look at some of Viz Media’s December 2022 releases – the publisher is bringing us three new titles and a bunch of new volumes for beloved series.

Viz Media – December 2022 New Releases

The new titles are Jujutsu Kaisen: Summer of Ashes, Autumn of Dust (novel), The Hunters Guild: Red Hood (manga), and Rainbow Days (manga). The Hunters Guild will enchant the fans of traditional fairy tales and fantasy, while Rainbow Days focuses on a friendship between four high school friends (it also got an anime adaptation in 2016). Let’s take a look at their official descriptions and covers.

The Hunters Guild: Red Hood by Yuki Kawaguchi

Release: December 13, 2022
In an isolated hamlet lives a boy named Velou who wants nothing more than to protect his beloved neighbors from the werewolf terrorizing the town. But even the town’s mayor—its most skilled huntsman—is unable to handle the situation on his own anymore. In a desperate attempt to save his people, the mayor hires the Hunters Guild to exterminate the werewolf. But after the mayor bankrupts himself into affording the Guild’s services, Velou and the citizens are disappointed when a little girl in a red hood named Grimm shows up instead of the big, strong hunter they were expecting. Velou is skeptical of Grimm’s ability to handle the werewolf—surely the mayor has been scammed, right?! Will Velou and the hamlet ever live happily ever after?

 © 2021 by Yuki Kawaguchi/SHUEISHA Inc.

Rainbow Days by Minami Mizuto

Release: December 6, 2022
Synopsis: Excited to have plans on Christmas Eve, Natsuki feels like he’s finally catching up to his friends who are in relationships. But when the night doesn’t go as expected, the stage is set for falling in love.

© 2011 by Minami Mizuno/SHUEISHA Inc.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Summer of Ashes, Autumn of Dust by Ballad Kitaguni

Original Concept: Gege Akutami
Release December 27, 2022
Synopsis: Cursed spirits have struck the opening blow at Satozakura High School in an unfolding conflict against the jujutsu sorcerers. But while this epic and unyielding battle intensifies, the heroes of Jujutsu Kaisen have other mysteries to solve…such as why Yuji and Megumi see Gojo at a maid café, whether Nanami can uncover the secret behind a website that claims to sell dolls that resurrect the dead, and what happens when a blind old man is able to see the scheming Mahito.

© 2019 by Gege Akutami, Ballad Kitaguni/SHUEISHA Inc.

Viz Media – December 2022 Updates

One Piece is coming with the 101st volume in English on December 6. Fans of the franchise will also be able to enjoy the One Piece Color Walk Compendium: New World to Wano artbook, which is set to release on December 20. Other notable titles that are getting new volumes in December are Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (Vol. 2), Fist of the North Star (Vol. 7), Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe (Vol. 2), Sakamoto Days (Vol. 5), Komi Can’t Communicate (Vol. 22), Call of the Night (Vol. 10), Snow White with the Red Hair (Vol. 22), Kaguya-sama: Love Is War (Vol. 24), Black Clover (Vol. 31), Dragon Ball Super (Vol. 17), and more.

A full list of December 2022 Viz Media releases can be found on their official website.
Featured image:
JUJUTSU KAISEN YUKU NATSU TO KAERU AKI © 2019 by Gege Akutami, Ballad Kitaguni/SHUEISHA Inc.

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