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Giji Harem Episode 2 Preview Images Released

Giji Harem anime revealed the preview images for episode 2 and they promise cuteness. Titled “Confession?” episode 2 will premiere on Crunchyroll this coming Thursday, on July 11. Animated by Studio Nomad, the second episode of Giji Harem has Sato Yuichi as the director, Kukichu Akinobu as the storyboard artist, and Yuko Kakihara on the screenplay.

The second episode promises another addition to Rin’s simulated harem—an imouto character! Meaning we’re in for even more cuteness. Not to mention the upcoming episode is a school festival, one of the most revered slice-of-life and rom-com fixtures out there.

Giji Harem casts Saori Hayami as Rin Nanakura and Nohuhiko Okamoto as Eiji Kitahama as part of the main cast. Mai Narumi as Ayaka Nanakura, Satou Minako as Kiri Shirasawa, Maria Abo as Megu, Kouji Yusa as Tsuguto Iwata, and Junichi Suwabe as Motokuni Nakayama. The series’ opening song, “Blouse,” is performed by Gohobi, while its ending theme, “Ab-lib,” is performed by Rin Nanakura (Saori Hayami).

All guys dream about having a harem; those who don’t are either asexual or lying. Eiji Kitahama is no different, as his ideal romantic life focuses more on variety than monotony. But, one’s cravings can usually be satisfied in more than one way. As he confesses his desires to his kouhai, Rin Nanakura, she decides that he’s the kind of guy he needs in life.

And so, she shoots straight for the heart and playfully acts out his desires by personifying different girls. Proving to the female viewers that the trick to bagging a guy is to be playful and keep him entertained. And proving to all male viewers that one doesn’t need a bunch of girls to satiate the desire for variety; you just need one girl who gives you a little bit of everything.

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