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My Deer Friend Nokotan Episode 1- Deergeddon

My Deer Friend Nokotan episode 1 is officially here, and because of it, we’re closer than ever to world peace. But is that all there is to it? Is My Deer Friend Nokotan nothing but fluffy scenes, cute waifus, gag comedy, and CGI deer? NO! It’s much deeper than that. It’s a glimpse into one’s soul. It’s a yearning for a time long gone, one where the true gods of old had yet to fall to the one god. A time when humans weren’t at the top of the natural order but rather coexisted with it.

The Deergeddon Has Begun

As a lover of the outdoors, I can’t count how often I’ve been in the woods, and my spidey senses suddenly tingle. When I look around, trying to find the lurking danger, I see it, A FARKING DEER. Just standing there, menacingly. Other times, I hear my mom’s voice, and as I slowly turn my head, a deer is looking back at me. Sometimes, those bastards don’t realize you’re looking at them, and they spasm like a poltergeist and walk on two legs. Deer are things not meant for the eyes of man. It’s not predators that give us a feeling of dread in nature, it’s deer.

As the former delinquent Torako Kohsi walks to school worrying that her past may one day be revealed, that feeling of dread washes over her. As she notices a person hanging from telephone wires, she mistakenly believes she’s stumbled upon a suicide. Unfortunately for her, it’s something worse, it’s a human-deer hybrid.

After a short freak-out, she regains her composure and tries to ignore the situation she’s in. Or at least she tries to, but she’s coerced into helping. And, let this be a warning to all readers. You get to the grave faster by doing good deeds than by ignoring the world around you. Torako learns this the hard way as the human/deer hybrid shows up to her class as a transfer student.

If that weren’t bad enough she enters by breaking down the door, drawing blood, goes to sit next to her, and proceeds to call her a filthy hooligan. Then to further cement her authoritah, she lets everyone know she’s in charge by calling Torako a virgin noob.


Like it or not, Torako is now stuck in a world where everyone normalizes human/deer hybrids. Worst of all, her perfect life is getting torn apart like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Bears kill 40 people per year on average, and wolves kill about 12. But deer, deer kill hundreds. Bears and wolves kill for survival, but deer kill for sport. So Torako knows there’s nothing she can do, she’s stuck between a rock and antlers.

Things look bleak for Torako, so much so that 4 out of every 5 Americans believe Koshitan has more issues in her future than they will after their upcoming elections. To remedy this, she becomes the president of the newly established deer club, whose sole purpose is to care for the school’s resident deer (Nokotan). Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, and keep deer within arm’s length.

My Deer Friend Nokotan Episode 1 Comments

I can’t talk for anyone except myself, but life’s like a fast-food menu. It looks tempting, alluring, and fulfilling, but 95% of the time it is disappointing and gives you diarrhea. Safe to say that for me, things rarely meet expectations. But, My Deer Friend Nokotan episode 1 not only met them, it exceeded them. In a day where we had people be gay in front of nuns and Vtubers telling you it’s a crime not to rub one out to someone you find attractive, this was still #1 in terms of comedy. I adore nonsensical humor, and if you do as well, this is a must-watch.

“Why Are Humans Not Deer?”

Here at Anime Corner News, we pride ourselves on giving our readers a little extra. We like to dig into the venison to find the best cuts and present those instead of what’s puritanical and trendy. For example, we already interviewed Torako and Nokotan’s voice actresses. But that’s not enough. It’s not enough for our readers, and it’s not enough for me.

Much like the hedonism in my soul, the real story of My Deer Friend Nokotan runs deeper than anyone would see at first glance. “Why are humans not deer?” The more I thought about it, the more I needed to know the answer to this question, and the more I needed my readers to know the answer to it as well. So, I decided to travel to Japan and find the answer to what was causing my existential dread. But my card was declined when I tried to book a flight because Anime Corner doesn’t pay me enough.

And as I lost myself to depression, because much like a lemming, the slightest inconvenience makes me want to jump off a cliff, I heard it. An old Latino folk song started to play on the taxi’s radio. And the clouds parted, the breeze picked up, and color returned to the world. Then and there I knew Japan wasn’t the only place with answers, the jungles of Central America had them too. So my deer readers, apart from our weekly recap, join me as we search for the answer to that most important of questions. “Why are humans not deer?”

Screenshots Via Crunchyroll
© Oshioshio, Kodansha / Hino Minami High School Deer Club

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