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Princession Orchestra Anime Reveals First Trailer

Princession Orchestra (Princess Session Orchestra) original anime by studio SILVER LINK revealed the first teaser trailer. The anime was announced in June and is scheduled to premiere in 2025. The new trailer introduces the main trio, and you can check it out below.

Princession Orchestra (Princess Session Orchestra) – First Anime Trailer

The main cast for the Princession Orchestra anime consists of:

  • Yuri Fujimoto as Kagari/Princess Zeal
  • Azusa Aoi as Minamo/Princess Ripple
  • Azusa Tachibana as Nagase/Princess Meteor

Shin Oonuma is directing at SILVER LINK, while other staff members include Akifumi Kaneko credited for the original concept, Noriyasu Agematsu as the executive producer, Manta Aisora in charge of the script and series composition, Yukiko Akiyama as the character designer, Mari Shimazaki as the original character designer and Elements Garden handling the music. King Records and UNISON (ARIA entertainment) are credited for the original work.

Alicepia – a wonderland by that name has existed somewhere in the world since long ago.

The fun-loving inhabitants, the Alicepians, lived there, enjoying their peaceful days. However, this tranquility was disrupted when a mysterious monster named Jamaock appeared. The once serene and sparkling land of Alicepia begins to face increasing threats.

If nothing is done, the dazzling brilliance of Alicepia will be lost forever.

In this crucial moment, a group of ‘Princesses’ rises to the challenge. These brave and spirited princesses embark on an adventure, never forgetting the song in their hearts, even in the face of danger. Their journey is a pop song fantasia filled with courage and energy–Princession Orchestra!

Source: Official Website

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