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Hamefura Season 2 Episode 8: A Heartfelt Resolve

For Nicol fans out there, this episode is for you. Hamefura season 2 Episode 8 shows the path he’s going to take for his future. Two new characters are also introduced in this episode and it seems like one of them has been charmed by the harem queen.

Nicol’s Dilemma

The topic of marriage comes up frequently for nobles. Most nobles already have a fiance when they debut in high society. Moreover, succession is important to them and having someone to inherit that success can be quite crucial. Nicol happens to be a special case.

His father doesn’t rush or force him to have one. But it’s not like his father doesn’t want him to have a marriage offer. In fact, Nicol has actually a lot of offers. The reason that he doesn’t bother to check the offers is that he’s in love with his friend’s fiance.

After his conversation with Raphael, he knows he has to make a move. He knows that he’s going to give up Katarina for the sake of his family and himself.

Arranged Marriage Meetings

As I mentioned earlier, Nicol has a lot of arranged marriage meeting offers. He decides to meet them one by one in order to forget about Katarina. However, trying to forget the harem queen seems to be difficult. While meeting his potential fiances, Nicol keeps comparing them to Katarina.

Unfortunately, after many meetings, Nicol failed to find a fiance in the end. Although, he did find something better than a fiance, his resolve.

Among the many candidates, none of them really impressed Nicol and he’s still thinking about Katarina after all this time. As he is running out of candidates to meet, he just plans to run away with her; that is until he meets the final candidate – Frey Randall.

Is She The One?

Of all the candidates, Frey might be the only one that is forced to meet Nicol because he was surprised after she told her intentions. She then invites Nicol for a little walk where both of them told each other their worries. This is the part where it gets beautiful.

During their walk, they had a heartfelt conversation with each other. Nicol confessed that he’s in love with someone that he cannot have. The whole time he was trying not to mention that it’s Katarina but Frey still found out anyway.

Meanwhile, Frey opened up to Nicol about the life she wants. It turns out she wants to live like the one she looks up to the most. Even though the life she wants may be highly unlikely attainable in her current status, Frey is determined to attain the life she always wanted.

From start to finish, the scene of their heartfelt talk was exquisite. We really got to see how Nicol thinks and feels. It may not seem like it but he also treasures Katarina like the rest.

Let’s also give credit to Frey as she is the one who made the scene impactful. The way she handled their conversation was sweet and lovely. She made Nicol vent out his true feelings and that’s something really difficult to pull off. It was also her who made Nicol realize his resolve in the end.

Another Harem Member?!

Aside from Frey, we were also introduced to her friend, Ginger. She’s a bit cold when it comes to Katarina, but secretly, she likes her. Her love for Katarina grew even further when she overheard Katarina saying how sweet, cute, and kind she is to other girls. Katarina also mentions she’s like a tsundere which is true.

Overall, Frey and Ginger had a remarkable debut in the series. Would these newly introduced girls make the story even more interesting? Only the future episodes can tell.

Hamefura Season 2 Episode 8 is now airing on Crunchyroll. If you like this episode, consider voting it on our weekly poll. You can also read more articles here.

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