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Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable Episode 7 – Conditions and Secrets

Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable episode 7 is our first dive into the second half of the season, expanding more on the newest character, Rena Natsukawa. Last week in episode 6, we were left on a cliffhanger as Tsubasa is faced with his grandmother’s strict condition that he must place within the top 10 students at his school for exams. If he fails to do this, he’ll be sent back to Tokyo and potentially lose his friendship with Minami and Sayuri. In this week’s episode, Tsubasa gets some help from the only person he knows is smarter than him, Rena Natsukawa.

Final Exams Are Super Hard

Tsubasa and Rena decide to start studying together for school exams, so naturally, he starts to spend more time with her. Minami notices this but doesn’t get jealous as one might immediately expect from a high school girl infatuated with her crush. Instead, Minami is positively astounded that Tsubasa is hanging out with the cool, smart, and collected Rena Natsukawa.

This is something I continue to adore about Minami. She’s not quick to assume, and she doesn’t let negative emotions such as jealousy consume her. However, there is such a thing as toxic positivity, where your own optimism can blind you from reality and actual negative situations. I hope in the future, Minami will be able to balance these emotions as the love triangle (I guess it’s a square now) grows ever more complicated.

Throughout Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable episode 7, Tsubasa and Rena continue to study together after school to prepare for the exams. While we know Minami to be a brave flirt who sometimes pushes too hard for her own good, Rena seemingly has the upper hand on her in terms of confidently pursuing her romantic desires. After a study session, Rena suggests to Tsubasa that if he passes his exams with an acceptable enough score, he should take her out on a date. Tsubasa has yet to sort out his feelings among Minami, Sayuri, and Rena, so he accepts, though we don’t see this part of the scene. It seems that Tsubasa is putting himself in a tough position, given that he and Minami were already starting to have some romantic chemistry.

Minami starts to notice Tsubasa acting strangely during exams but doesn’t particularly think too much about it or take action outside a short and awkward conversation with Tsubasa in class. After Tsubasa thankfully passes exams, he must uphold his promise to take Rena on a date. Deep inside, he knows that if Minami sees or hears of this date, it would create some potential complications in their relationship. Unfortunately for him, Minami’s mother spots Rena and Tsubasa on their dates and frantically texts her daughter about it.

There’s a big difference between talking to a girl in the hallway at school and going on a full date with her. This little scenario will most likely make for some intense conversations in the next episode. Tsubasa’s little harem is growing ever more interesting as we go through the second half of the season!

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