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Hololive Collaborates with Professional Baseball League in Japan

Female Hololive VTubers will collaborate with Pacific League, one of the two biggest professional baseball leagues in Japan, Cover corporation announced on August 13.

The press release says collaborated goods using a limited logo and newly drawn illustrations will be on sale, and a tie-up game hololive day will take place on October 3, 2021.

Hololive VTubers in Baseball Uniform

Twenty Hololive VTubers join the collaboration project, what’s more, all of them are wearing baseball uniforms as you can see below;

12 Hololive VTubers in baseball uniforms

You might have noticed they are dressed differently. That’s correct. The details are as follows;

Usada Pekora and Tokoyami Towa – Hokkaido Nippon-ham Fighters (based in Hokkaido prefecture)
Aki Rosenthal and Uruha Rushia – Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles (based in Miyagi prefecture)
Shirakami Fubuki and Shishiro Botan – Saitama Seibu Lions (based in Saitama Prefecture)
Oozora Subaru and Houshou Marine – Chiba Lotte Marines (based in Chiba prefecture)
Natsuiro Matsuri and Shirogane Noel – Orix Buffaloes (based in Osaka and Hyogo prefecture)
Inugami Korone and Amane Kanata – Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (based in Fukuoka prefecture)

hololive day

The tie-up game, hololive day, will take place at Kyocera Dome Osaka, sponsored by Orix Buffaloes. In addition, the time schedule reveals that the president of Cover corporation, Tanigo Motoaki, known as Yagoo among fans, will throw the opening pitch at the dorm.

Starting line-up Announcement – Hololive VTubers announce the names of the players.
Ceremony Talk – Hololive VTubers have a talk.
Ground Performance – Hololive VTubers and the Orix Buffaloes’ official dance and vocal unit, BsGirls, play together.
Opening Pitch – The president of Cover corporation throws out the first pitch.

On another note, Life-sized standees of the twelve VTubers will show up at the dorm.

Hololive VTubers’ Reaction

Since the collaboration partner is really huge, VTubers show their surprise and appreciation on Twitter. So let’s check their reactions with my translations.

Shirakami Fubuki “Papapap… Pa League’s 6 Baseball Teams Collab!!!!!!”

Inugami Korone “I’m really happy”

Inugami Korone “Oh my… My wish back then came…. *crying*”

Uruha Rushia “Rushia x Rakuten-san!! I’m glad it’s baseball, I’m looking forward to it ヾ(⌒(_*・ω・)_

Aki Rosenthal “What a surprise!! Akirose will have the honor to collaborate with Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in the project, Hololive x Pa League 6 Baseball Teams. You should check it out I’m wearing the uniform and pretty cute! Visit the official website for collab goods and the event’s information.”

Amane Kanata “I will have the pleasure to collaborate with Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks-san! That’s awesome… Baseball collab…. It feels like I’m still in a dream, I’m really looking forward to it.”


Shishiro Botan “Collaborating with Pa League 6 baseball teams! Shishiron will be with Saitama Seibu Lions.”

Natsuiro Matsuri “Kakiiin (*・ω・)_/ 彡 [The sound of hitting a ball] The uniform is pretty cute, right?”

Oozora Subaru “Did you already check this out?”

Oozora Subaru “It’s Babadona [the duo of Oozora Subaru and Houshou Marine]. Look forward to it.”

Shirogane Noel “Danchou [the commander, Shirogane Noel] will have the pleasure to collaborate with Orix Buffaloes in this collab project! Now that I look at it, Danchou wearing the uniform looks like BuffaloBell-chan [BuffaloBELL is one of the two mascot characters of the baseball team]…?!

Usada Pekora “Y- You Guys!!!!!!!!”

Tanigo Motoaki, Yagoo “It’s been decided [we will do a] collaboration with Pa League’s 6 baseball teams! I’m wondering if I could throw the ball at the mound, though I was playing baseball when I was little lol”


What is Pacific League?

Japan has two biggest professional leagues for baseball; Central League and Pacific League. And each of them consists of six professional baseball teams.
For what it’s worth, Ohtani Shohei who belongs to Los Angeles in the US is from Hokkaido Nippon-ham Fighters.
Suzuki Ichiro who put a period to his career as a professional baseball player in 2019 is Orix Bluewave (later merged with another baseball team Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes and formed the current Orix Buffaloes).

One last thing, for those who are wondering what is the official hashtag; #ホロパシフィック (lit. Holo Pacific)

You can read more about Hololive VTubers on our website!

Source: PR Times

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