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Hololive VTubers Stirred by Magnitude 7 Earthquake in Japan

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Japan’s northeast coast Wednesday night (March 16, 11:36pm local time), affecting the eastern part of the country. Following this, a tsunami advisory has been issued for Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, state broadcaster NHK has reported. A massive blackout spread across nine prefectures, and the Tokyo Electric Power Company says 2.09 million households are without electricity.

Following the earthquake a number of Hololive VTubers took to Twitter to express concern and confirm their safety. HoloX’s Hakui Koyori is among the first to inform fans about her status, confirming she’s safe. Hoshimachi Suisei also confirmed that she and her sister were safe.

Amane Kanata, part of Hololive’s 4th generation, confirmed her safety as she shared information about the earthquake.

Holostars’ Arurandeisu is also OK, but he is suspending streaming until it is safe to do so. The same goes for Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio from Hololive gamers

Sakura Miko was in the car on her way home when the earthquake happened. Meanwhile, Nekomata Okayu was tending to her cat at that time. Both of them are safe, but Miko felt an aftershock.

The earthquake is rated 6 in the Japanese seismic scale, which means it’s too strong for people to stand. Hololive’s Shirogane Noel described this earthquake as “very shaky.” Holostars’ Rikka recovers from the dizziness he received from the strong earthquake. Both of them said they are safe.

Hololive staff A-Chan felt the earthquake while inside the train on her way home. Holostars’ manager Shinove is happy to report that everyone in Holostars is safe, advising everyone to continue being careful.

Other Hololive and Holostars VTubers are tweeting their situation:

Meanwhile, Hololive’s English and Indonesia branches have expressed concern and support for those affected by the earthquake:

The earthquake with multiple aftershocks is by far the worst to hit Japan since the 3.11 Earthquake at Tohoku prefecture just 11 years ago.

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Banner Image: Screenshot from Holo no Graffiti © COVER Corp. / Earthquake Map from Japan Meteorological Agency

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