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I Shall Survive Using Potions Reveals Episode 3 Preview

The preview images for I Shall Survive Using Potions anime released the preview images for episode 3 ahead of its October 21 premiere. Jumondo Studio is animating the adaptation, with Nobuaki Nakanishi as the director. Takayo Igami oversees the series composition while Chisato Kikunaga is in charge of the character designs. You can check out the preview images below:

The official website describes the plot of I Shall Survive Using Potions episode 3 as:
Kaoru, who is working as a waitress at a restaurant in the Kingdom of Brancot, meets Prince Fernan, who visits the restaurant secretly. He likes her and invites her to a ball at the royal palace. What was held on this day was not just a ball, but an important meeting in which the prince chose a candidate for his wife. However, Kaoru herself has no intention of getting married, and she doesn’t even like Fernan. Kaoru doesn’t like Fernan’s way of calling her out unilaterally without discussing the situation, so she comes up with a plan…

The cast of I Shall Survive Using Potions includes:

  • Rin Kusumi as Kaoru
  • Tomoyo Takayanagi as Francette
  • Moeka Koizumi as Emile
  • Haruki Iwata as Bell
  • Natsuki Kitagawa as Layette
  • Nao Toyama as Celestine

Source: Official Website
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