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James Carter Cathcart, Iconic Pokémon Voice Actor, Shares Positive Cancer Update

Pokémon voice actor, James Carter Cathcart, has been discharged back home amidst a battle with cancer via an update by his wife, Martha, dated October 29, 2023. Martha’s new statement is a positive one and reads:
A quick update for you all, with overall positive news!
Although it took most of the 14 days of target IV antibiotics for some decisions to make themselves known — Jimmy stayed in-patient for the entire course of the IV antibiotic treatment. It was long and tiring…he was sometimes feeling up to engaging in PT and sometimes less so…
But finally, this past Thursday, Jimmy was discharged back to home. VNS came on Friday afternoon, and we anticipate home services of PT/OT/”Speech & Swallow” therapy/and some limited home health aide assistance as Jimmy transitions back to home. Jimmy is walking independently (no walker) in the apartment again, and slowly gaining strength & weight.
Overall, our spirits are tired, but good.

An appointment with the original “head/neck” surgeon is scheduled for mid-November, to begin discussing when & how to reverse (get rid of) Jimmy’s tracheostomy. We are hopeful that if Jimmy stays healthy in the next couple of weeks, there could be some forward movement toward the reversal — which would be a huge step in his recovery.
The next follow-up PET scan is Nov. 30th, and we are hoping that the radiation oncologist’s optimism is as well founded as he believes it to be!
Labwork, of course, is ongoing for preventive purposes re Jimmy’s liver function, new infections, hemoglobin levels (which, we’ve learned, often dip with cancer & treatment).
We continue one day — one moment — at a time… recovery is likely to be uneven and arduous, so keep those good thoughts, prayers, etc coming! We appreciate you all so very much.

Martha & Jimmy

James Carter Cathcart’s (also known as Jimmy Zoppi) health had been declining after an advanced cancer diagnosis in his tongue and throat area in January 2023, with the illness spreading further to his neck. Since his debut in 1981, Cathcart voiced iconic characters for the English dubbed versions of many anime. He held the role of the Pokémon anime’s Professor Oak and his son Gary, Team Rocket’s James, and Meowth for decades, most recently reprising his roles in the final Pokémon series with the core cast, Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series. Pokémon Horizons debuted with a new cast on April 14, 2023. Voicing characters in Revolutionary Girl Utena, as well as Weevil Underwood in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters and many more made Cathcart a mainstay in the anime industry until his retirement in 2023.

Source: CaringBridge
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