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I'm Standing on a Million Lives Season 2 Episode 2 Shows Yotsuya's New Encounters

The anime “I’m Standing on a Million Lives” season 2 episode 2 finally aired this weekend! It shows how Yotsuya got a new job as a player. Not only that, but we can also see here his new encounters like what happen to him and Kahabell on their fourth quest.

Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Yana and Aoyu

To begin with, Yotsuya wants to be able to kill an orc because it is necessary for their new quest. Since he cannot use long weapons, he tries rising his level to be able to obtain a new job. With that in mind, the two maidens of the Jiffon Island, Yana, and Aoyu help him on achieving his goals.

Well, Yotsuya is a farmer, he can gain XP from farming, and that’s his first step to make his level higher. Another one of his jobs is a chef, so Yotsuya also cooks to gain XP. He is really trying his best to the point that he is not sleeping at all.

Yana and Aoyu

While Yotsuya is working really hard, Yana and Aoyu never fail to entertain him to the point that they perform a song just for him. It’s nice to see some new characters in the series. However, since they are girls, I’m afraid that they may also end up like Kahabell in the future.


The other person who seems to have a big role in this quest was Cantil. He is a former general and now a member of the mercenaries. According to him, he fought so many battles against orcs in the past. In this arc, he trains the people, together with the heroes on how to kill an orc.

Here, Cantil shows Yotsuya and the others how to kill an orc by fighting against one. He also discovers that Yotsuya only values the lives of Shindou and Kusue, and for him, it’s not good because there are other heroes aside from them. However, Yotsuya somehow managed to convince him because of his reasonings.


There are so many hints in this episode that Cantil has a dark past, which makes me curious. I hope we can see them in future episodes. For me, he’s not really a bad guy but after watching episode 2 of this anime, I have a feeling that there will be sad happenings in the future that is connected to him.

Yotsuya’s New Job

Another thing here is the fact that Yotsuya has acquired a new job. He was able to achieve it because of the help of Yana and Aoyu. Yotsuya’s new job is “Blacksmith“.

According to the rules, he can use any weapon because of this job. Moreover, Yotsuya can create any weapon he wants. Thus, he forges different weapons with a specialized design to kill an orc.

Yotsuya making a new weapon using his “Blackmisth” job skills

Because of this job, Yotsuya, Tokitate, and Kusue can now fight the orcs. For your information, Yotsuya always ends up on a rare job, though it’s really OP compare to the jobs of the other heroes. I have a feeling that in the future, he will obtain all the rare jobs.

Basically, episode 2 of “I’m Standing on a Million Lives” season 2 is just a preparation for their battles against orcs. It ended on the scene where the orcs are attacking the villagers at night. So, I’m expecting that on the next episode, which will air on July 24, we will see Yotsuya and the others back in action.

If you also want to see what’s going to happen next, just wait for the release of episode 3. You can watch the series on IQIYI. Lastly, if Yotsuya’s new job and encounters caught your attention, and you think you found a new waifu in this episode, you can also vote for the anime on our weekly poll.

For those who are not aware, below is the series’ synopsis:

Aloof and logical middle school third-year Yusuke Yotsuya is transported to a game-like alternate world. He becomes a third player and takes on a dangerous quest with his classmates Iu Shindo and Kusue Hakozaki, who were transported there earlier. The cold Yusuke eschews emotionalism and examines all elements with detachment, sometimes even toying with the lives of his companions.

Can he protect his party from attacking monsters, difficult incidents, and powerful scheming enemies and win the game?

Screenshots via IQIYI

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