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In the Land of Leadale Reveals New Visual and Additional Cast

The upcoming anime In the Land of Leadale revealed a new key visual along with two additional cast members. Azusa Tadokoro and Tomoya Takagi are joining the series that will premiere on January 5. You can check the key visual below:

You can also watch the trailer here:

Cast and Production

The cast of In the Land of Leadale includes Eri Yukimura as Cayna, Daisuke Ono as Skargo, Kaori Nazuka as Mai-Mai, and Tomokazu Sugita as Kartatz. The newly added cast are Azusa Tadokoro as Caerina and Tomoya Takagi as Caerick.

Yuji Yanase is directing the series at studio MAHO FILM (By the Grace of the GodsI’m Standing on a Million Lives). TRUE is performing the opening theme song titled Happy encount while Azusa Tadokoro will perform the ending song Happiness of the Miniature Garden.

In the Land of Leadale Light Novel

In the Land of Leadale is a light novel written by Ceez and illustrated by Tenmaso. It is still ongoing and currently has a total of 7 volumes as of date. Enterbrain is publishing the series while Yen Press is licensing it in North America.

New Beginnings in Familiar Lands
After a horrific accident put her on life support, the last vestige of freedom Keina Kagami had was in the VRMMORPG World of Leadale. When she wakes up in the body of her game avatar, though, Keina-now Cayna-finds that the worries of her old life appear to be a thing of the past, but somehow this new land doesn’t seem to be quite the Leadale she remembers

Yen Press

Source: Official Website
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