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Inori Minase Releases 9th Single Starlight Museum

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On December 2, Inori Minase will release her 9th single entitled “Starlight Museum” to commemorate her 5th anniversary as a solo artist. Coincidentally, her birthday and solo artist anniversary falls on the same date. It has been 5 years since her debut as a solo artist and in that span, she produced a total of 9 singles and 3 albums. You can hear out and see more information about her latest single below.

Starlight Museum (Audition Version)

Her latest single will also include songs like Crystalize which is a song created for the mobile game Arknights and Piece of Memories. The first buyers will also get some benefits like bromides, button pins, and A4 clear files. You can buy her single at the price of ¥1,300 (tax not included).

Starlight Museum jacket preview
Starlight Museum Jacket

Aside from being a talented singer, Inorin is also a great voice actress who has voiced iconic characters in the anime. Some of these include Rem from Re: Zero and Itsuki Nakano from Quintessential Quintuplets. Furthermore, she won the Best Lead Actress Award in the 10th Seiyuu Awards in 2015 for her roles as Jun Naruse from the movie Anthem of the Heart and Yuki Takeya from the series School-Live! This 2020 Fall Season, she has a total of 6 roles; 3 of which are the main characters and the other 3 are supporting characters. Truly, Inorin is such a spectacular artist and we can’t wait to hear more from her soon.

Source: Inori Minase Official Website, Twitter

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