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Insomniacs After School TV Anime and Live-Action Movie Announced

Makoto Ojiro’s Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia (Insomniacs After School) seinen manga is getting a TV anime and a live-action movie adaptation, the publisher Shokakugan announced today. There are still no additional details regarding either of the adaptations. A special commemorative visual by the mangaka Ojiro has been revealed:

Insomniacs After School Commemorative Visual

Insomniacs After School started serialization in Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comics Spirits magazine in 2019. The manga currently has 8 volumes, with 72 chapters. The manga won Mando Kobayashi Manga Grand Prize in the “Sweet and Sour” category for two years in a row. Although there’s an official French translation, the work hasn’t been licensed in English yet.

The story follows high schoolers Ganta Nagami and Isaki Magari, who meet and realize they both struggle with insomnia. The two start meeting up in the school’s observatory, which is now used as storage space, and together they spend sleepless nights and try to overcome the effect those have on their everyday lives. The story takes place in Noto in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Although the Insomniacs After School anime adaptation didn’t reveal a promotional video, the manga has one:

Insomniacs After School Manga PV

Source: Shogakukan Comics Official Website, Insomniacs After School Official Twitter
©Makoto Ojiro, Shogakukan 

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